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July 19, 2010, 08:25 PM
The League added 3 teams in the late 80's Charlotte, Miami and Orlando. Thats 36 players now on 3 brand new teams. At that time the Lakers and Celtics great team of the 80's were fading and the Pistons were near the end of their run. There was a team that pretty much had its core players and were up and coming the Chicago Bulls. For the rest of the league the talent level on most teams had become watered down. Every draft you had to divide the wealth among 3 additional teams. So if you were a middle of the road team chances are you were not going to improve because the talent pool had to be shared among more teams now. If you were one of the top tier teams the draft was just a formality because you were probably not going to get a player that could make your roster. So free agency became more important than ever. In 95 96 the league decided to add more water to the talent pool and the raptors and the Grizzlies were added. More bad teams and no more star studded teams like in the early 80s. At least not by the way of the draft. So many times you have teams missing a piece here and there but the only way to get that piece is through free agency. Say your team is not in a warm climate glamor city or have a glorious NBA History. You might not be able to add that piece because players can go to a bad team for more money or to a bigger market with a better night life or other reasons. Your star player sees this so instead of spending the rest of his career on a good team that keeps falling short he moves on to a team with talented players. So I say blame Stern. Every year we have to put up with about 5 teams that stink. each team has about 4 players that maybe could have made a good team a better team and an average team good etc. 2010 free agency circus would have not been necessary.


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