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July 20, 2010, 10:31 AM
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1. Just how far is Jon Jones from a legit title shot?

Shane Bowen: The answer is two solid top contender fights. Hear me out. Jones has been impressive, no if ands or buts. Some might even argue that he could get a shot now. The LHW division is stacked and I think there is a lot of competition piling on for title shots. Rua is injured so I would propose that Jones fights Jackson. If Jones can pull that one out then he should get the loser of the proposed Evans/Machida fight. Assuming he wins here the title shot is more than his for the taking.

Collin Caprini: From a legit shot, two or more (counting the Matyushenko match in August).

However, I do believe that he will get the shot if he beat Vladmir decisively and has as much buzz coming out of it as he did when he defeated Vera on Versus. He is as marketable as he will ever be now, and also his time to win a title at 205 may be reaching its end.

Joao Pedro: He is one big win away from a legitimate title shot. Meaning a win over someone like Lyoto Machida or Thiago Silva, which would undoubtedly represent a step up in competition for him.
But I personally think it is too soon for him to face an elite Light Heavyweight. The UFC would do well to give him time for further development.
I know that probably the majority of MMA fans do not agree with me, however, feeling that he is ready for a title shot.

David Snipes: With the 205 division, its hard, Rashad wants to wait on Shogun, Rampage is slipping down and is back vs Lil Nog, who is not exactly shooting up the rankings, who knows with Randy, Lyoto wants Rashad again, so who is going to give a shot to Jones and who is going to sit and wait on a title shot? if Jones wins- he is in the same boat as Rich Franklin. Now what? Jones would be better served fighting as a title gatekeeper and getting experience, rather than sitting for months waiting on a shot to open up. He may hate it- but I???d rather see him face Cyrille Diabate, Lawlor and Thiago Silva between now and new years than Rich Franklin and wait 6 months on Forrest Griffth and a year on the Rashad/Shogun winner.
July 20, 2010  10:32 AM ET

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July 20, 2010  01:32 PM ET

I agree with Joao here. I mentioned this in JimJ's post. He needs to beat someone a little higher up the ranks first, then we can start having legit talks about where he stands. Ya, he looked good against the likes of Vera and Bonnar, but that's not really impressive to me. I want to see him do the same thing against Rampage, Rashad, or Machida before I say he can step in with Rua...

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July 20, 2010  03:07 PM ET

Two more wins should do it... If he wins on 8/1, Machida would be my pick for his next fight.

That'd be an interesting fight to say the least. And you probably mean when he wins on August 1st.

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July 20, 2010  03:54 PM ET

Well, I'd like to say when, but I don't think he's fighting a pushover.

I wouldn't say push over but I would say he's got this.

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July 20, 2010  07:20 PM ET

Two more wins should do it... If he wins on 8/1, Machida would be my pick for his next fight.

I don't think Jon takes that fight

Of Ramapge, Lil nog, Rashad and anyone else - Machida is WAY too smooth and Jones may not be able to keep up with him and take him down. I'm not saying he loses, but If I'm Greg Jackson- I take ANY other matchup before Machida

July 20, 2010  07:45 PM ET

Spring 2011: Jones vs. Fedor at a 230 catch.

Fedor wins, he gets his shot at Brock. Good for the MMA business.
(And if Jones loses, it doesn't derail his LHW ladder spot since he's fighting out of his weight class so it doesn't devalue him too much)

And if Jones pulls the win, his popularity skyrockets even further, and then he gets his shot at Rua.


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