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July 23, 2010, 04:13 AM
Damn! Urlacher be The Man, a roaring great Bear !
Peppers be silent, calm and aware.

Briggs bring dat hammer, often and hard,
Boy dat boy Adams be one ton o'lard!

Peanut will strip, but strip it from who ?
You know Pisa be gone by the end of week two.

Born again Tommie, all lost at sea,
Gone are his knees by the end of week three!

O Hunter, my Hunter ! Save our Brian from woe!
Get thee hence from the Mike, cos man do you blow ...

Chris Harris strong safety ! He hits like a wrench!
No matter he dies, there's ten more on the bench.

He cost us J Williams, but don't shed a tear ....
O Captain ! My Captain ! Urlacher's here.
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July 26, 2010  07:18 PM ET

Yes Urlachers back but what can we do about Lovie??

August 7, 2010  02:08 PM ET

The Defense is going to be great barring injuries to Peppers, Urlacher, and Briggs. Everyone else can be replaced to some degree. If our Offense can average 24 points a game we might/should be in the superbowl with teams being destroyed by our front 7. This front 7 will go down in History as one of the best of all time. With draft choices and free agency we can improve the DB's if necissary to the point that they may end up being revered and placed right along side of the 85 bears. However I still worry about Lovie's meddeling. For example make a decision about Daniel Manning and stick to it. All this moving him around destablizes the entire team. Go BEARS!!!

August 8, 2010  02:35 PM ET

Later on this season it's not going to be ode but odor!!! And that odor will be from the fear other team crapping their pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Bears!!!! Hey why am I talking to myself here? I know that others are out there log on and say your say dudes and dudettes!!!!!!!!!!! This is almost as bad as fornification!!!!!!!!!

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August 9, 2010  06:35 AM ET

I think everybody is going to be drinking the "Bear Aide" by the 4th regular season game. I just can't see them not doing well with all the changes for the positive that they have done and the coaching. I still would like to see a deal for Logan Mankins but I doubt if they will do it. One thing to remember is the DB's won't have to defend as long this year as in the past. Our front 7 is rated as the best in the NFC in Lindy's and I would go as far as saying NFL by the end of the season!!! Plus I have high hopes for Wooten to be starting at the end of the season. I also think we will get better production from the "other" DT not named Harris who ever he turns out to be. Opponents will have to concentrate on Julius and when they do it open up everybody else, plus double teaming Peppers is NOT a guarantee that they will stop him either. Ask Minnesota about last year!!! He lived in their backfield and Minn's OT went to the Pro Bowl!!! Think anything will be different with Green Bay's OL? NOT!!! Get your "Bear Aide" ready BG Deuce for you and the rest of us are really gonna enjoy this year, barring injuries to Peppers, Urlacher and most importantly Cutler. Go BEARS!!!

August 9, 2010  02:11 PM ET

The Patriots are needing safety and wr help. I'd offer them any safetys except Harris and Wright and Earl Bennet for the wr with a 3rd round pick for next year. Think they would take it?


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