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July 23, 2010, 08:04 PM
Check out my new sports blog and see my picks for the NFC East. Also covering Fantasy Football and General Rants.
July 23, 2010  09:20 PM ET

Troll? nope just started a new blog and trying to get people to go there. Sorry hun

July 23, 2010  09:38 PM ET

Thanks for giving me info in 2 different threads to report you.

You're spamming the threads and you are going to report someone? Interesting.

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July 23, 2010  10:12 PM ET

Do you even understand what spamming is? How can you spam in a public domain? Spam is sending something to a private site or email. If you dont want to read what I have said. Then click a different thread. Pretty easy you would think.

It is not a public site. It is a publicly available site, which is quite different. It is owned by Sports Illustrated and they don't take too kindly to people coming in and encouraging their viewers to go elsewhere. Ask them if they think that your use of their forum as free advertisement is spam. They likely won't answer you, but they will delete you.

July 23, 2010  10:16 PM ET

Bigwave wow...some class and advice. Wasntg sure that existed here. Thought it was just bullys who tnought THEY ran the site.

July 23, 2010  10:23 PM ET

willie look at the agreement you click when you sign up. Says nothing against posting links. Sorry but your wrong. Like i said before...if you dont like it then dont click the thread

Remember my words when they delete you.

July 23, 2010  11:28 PM ET

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July 24, 2010  11:26 AM ET


As a moderator on FanNation, we would appreciate it you don't start threads on the message boards endorsing your site. If you would like to join a group and have discussions, then reference your site, that is different. Clogging up the boards with info about a site outside of the domain isn't allowed, however.

Thank you so much for your contribution and understanding. If you have questions feel free to contact me.


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November 19, 2010  04:07 PM ET

I speed up and run over tools who post their sites on DISCUSSION boards . There is no faster way to get yourself ignored.


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