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July 27, 2010, 10:19 PM
Jack Tatum was the greatest safety in his era, nicknamed the "Assassin".

I know I know Pats fans, but even your coach said that hit was perfectly legal (then).

You will missed Jack even if your were once a buckeye.
July 27, 2010  10:21 PM ET

The game could use some of his grit now. Always love the Bad Boy Raiders!

July 27, 2010  10:51 PM ET

The game could use some of his grit now. Always love the Bad Boy Raiders!

Yeah players today have little clue as to what happened in the past. The Raiders spent a week in New Orleans before SB XV, thats a week on Burbon Street and the Treme. Amazing they won that game, they had to have a week long hangover.

Put Roger Goodel back 25 years and he'd have to advertise in the newpaper for players. He would've suspended most of the league and every Raider.
Of course " a meeting" with him would require armed guards (for him), they would have assaulted him.
Today players go to him with their tails between their legs, for having sex in a bar at 2:AM, that was a badge of honor then, probably still is, but you can't say it outloud.
Family sport, yeah right.

July 27, 2010  10:58 PM ET

RIP Jack, you defiantly lived up to the Raider uniform and persona, the game could use some of that mentality today.


July 27, 2010  11:00 PM ET


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July 28, 2010  11:08 AM ET

GSH 1,Yep,The Raiders had quite a few"Troubled Players" back then and steroid use was rampent back then,2 player's come too mind,Lyle Alzado and John Matuzak for a couple,it was said thatLyle Died with brain Cancer[with maybe the use of steroids}and John Matuzak Died of a heart attack[maybe because of steroids.],I could be wrong,but it's been a long time,since watching them play.The only Team today I might say is sorta like them is the Bengals for [last chance players.] for a multitude of reasons...Alchohol,drugs,sex scandals,bar fights,illegal weapons violations,...etc..

I got your back EazyDozit.

For the record:
Lyle Alzado died from brain cancer caused by excessive steroid use, and he wanted everyone to know it so they did not make the same mistake.

John Matuzak committed suicide, (overdose of various drugs) they say he was depressed that his movie career stalled after making that turkey "Caveman" with Ringo Starr. He was the sloth in the Goonies movie.
I'll remember him as a great DL that helped the Raiders win SB XI & XV.
He also was a 'party animal', they coined the term after him.

July 28, 2010  12:42 PM ET

why would anyone want to kill themself [john matuzak] ?!,........everyone should realize that they won the lottery of ''life'' just by being BORN, only get one **** life [enjoy it] !

I couldn't agree more.

Although when some men see your face ......

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July 28, 2010  03:34 PM ET

Thank You Bro,I wasn't sure but i do know they were all together about the same years,I remember Lyle Alzado taking off His Helmet and Hitting some other teams player over the Head with it,I believe He and Matuzak,both being used a DEs,DTs,was called a "Marriage made in Hell",My memories of those times is a bit sketchy,I was still in the Service When the Steelers won thier 1st SB,then they won again the following year,Remember some Character/Coach by the name of Jerry Glanville,the guy left free tickets for dead celebrities[Like Elvis],And He'd tell His Players too go after certain players?,I remember after a Game playing Pittsburgh,Chuch Noll Grabbed Him and was cussing Him out after the game till the players got between them,Hey ,the guy wasn't very ethical,but He was colorful........Now,that's all the Bengals need too superceed Oakland at this point,on Headcase teams....[A crazy Coach.]

Lyle did not join the Raiders until the last couple of years of his career. The Tuz and him were bitter enemys, Lyle spent his career as a Bronco, those teams hated one another more then than today.
The Tuz was retired and Lyle helped a young rookie take his place, that rookie was named Howie Long and together they beat the Redskins 38-9 in SB XVIII. The last SB win for the Raiders, January 1984.

Yeah I remember Lyle swingin around his helmet, he was nice person off the field, but an animal on it.
Lyle also for the record said he wished he had played his entire career as a Raider.

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July 28, 2010  05:05 PM ET

Ok Hammered,thanks for the heads up,I wasn't sure,And Howie was a great DE-DL.

Had to refresh my memory a little also. Lyle played for the Browns after the Broncos and for the Raiders from 81 to 85.

Found this quote from Lyle on Wikipedia

"I started taking anabolic steroids in 1969 and never stopped. It was addicting, mentally addicting. Now I'm sick, and I'm scared. Ninety percent of the athletes I know are on the stuff. We're not born to be 300 lb (140 kg) or jump 30 ft (9.1 m) But all the time I was taking steroids, I knew they were making me play better. I became very violent on the field and off it. I did things only crazy people do. Once a guy sideswiped my car and I beat the hell out of him. Now look at me. My hair's gone, I wobble when I walk and have to hold on to someone for support, and I have trouble remembering things.

My last wish? That no one else ever dies this way."

Sadly that part I got correct.

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July 28, 2010  08:48 PM ET

Sorry, lost all respect for him as a human being when he tried to use Darryl Stingley as a prop for his book "Final Confessions of NFL Assassin Jack Tatum."

Any human that would use the life threatening and life altering injury he inflicted on another player as a prop to sell books is a bottom of the barrel character. It shows he has no feelings of regret or even being sorry for altering and eventually killing Darryl Stingley.

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