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July 31, 2010, 10:48 AM
David: Welcome to the SportsNickel predictions for UFC LIVE 2: JONES vs MATYUSHENKO, Sadly, I don???t get Versus, so I???m screwed out of this card- but I???ll be able to catch it on pirate internet signal fully legal alternative sources. But thats ok, I don???t see this really being a great card- I have every fight going either the distance or 3 rounds- other than the main event. I think this is a perfect card to launch a steady diet of goodness in August, if this was the 3rd card in a 4 week span, we might not care, with this being the first one of the string, it gets attention. Well, Enjoy as Shane-o-Bowen and I dissect the card, and I???ll have a review up next week, plus the scorecard, comments as always, welcome.

Light Heavyweight bout:
Jon Jones (10-1,4-1) vs Vladimir Matyushenko (24-4,5-2)

David: Jones is pushed down the card a bit here, I think had Rashad lost to Rampage, Rashad might be in this slot. Matyushenko is no pushover, he hits hard, he has very good wrestling and a solid chin. Jones will give anyone this side of Tim Duncan issues with his reach, but Vlad can move his chin pretty quickly. That is the tale of this fight- Jones has yet to REALLY get pushed around. His center of gravity is high, he???s not exactly thick, and if Vlad can protect his chin, he can make life hard for Jones. Am I picking Jones? You betcha. I think it makes the fight a lot more interesting than most. Vlad is going to get inside and try and shove Jones around. I think he can. I think Jones takes it- but its a harder fight most think.

Shane: Jon Jones, for all intensive purposes, is undefeated. However, Vladimir Matyushenko is no push over. He has beaten the likes of Antonio Nogueira, Pedro Rizzo, Vernon White, and Tim Boetsch (just to name a few that common fans might know of). He also took Tito Ortiz to a DEC in a title fight, and that was in 2001 when beating Tito would have actually meant something. Jones is green, 10-1, and for all intensive purposes he seems to be rising to that other level, the level that makes champions. I say Jones continues his devastating ways and wins by TKO in Round 2.

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