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August 5, 2010, 12:43 PM
Hey guys and gals. My wife's young cousin is getting some looks from a few smaller DI schools and has an offer from a DII school. He's starting the process a little late and I've been trying to get a or profile for him. Straight up pain in the arse from my current location.

Anyway, enjoy! 3
August 5, 2010  12:45 PM ET

Yeah the video.

August 5, 2010  03:08 PM ET

Excellent. But don't drop the ball (a couple times during the video). He was able to make a play after picking it up...but don't drop it!

August 5, 2010  03:13 PM ET

Just got this update from his mom: They're keeping me in the loop.

".... la tech contacted our athletic director and asked for football schedule and said they're looking at james hard.... we got feed back last week that all they need to see him hit and play a little on the defense side and stay healthy and he will be signed . they offered us tickets for a official visit. so we're praying hard..... the lafayette coach called us and asked for james transcripts and stats on baseball as well and he has been talking to james about coming to the house for a visit as well..... the boy has a bright future and will be blessed to go anywhere, but we really hope it's la tech.... thank you again cause you never know we want to keep all our options open so keep on them all..... I hope you are well and safe....

It's cool to be connected to the process that I follow so closely on a daily basis.

August 5, 2010  03:15 PM ET

Yes it is cool. I wish him much success. Be safe CenLa.

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August 5, 2010  03:18 PM ET

Excellent. But don't drop the ball (a couple times during the video). He was able to make a play after picking it up...but don't drop it!

Yea, you're right but LaTech is looking for him to play LB. He's played QB these past couple of years but will be moving to the other side of the ball at the next level. The video footage is primarily QB as you saw, that's why they want to see him hit and on defense in person.

ULL wants him as an infielder and I have seen that letter. They are seriously wanting him for baseball. I think football is the first choice but if it's not a considerable offer, baseball may be his route.

August 5, 2010  03:36 PM ET

Best of luck to the young man, hope things work out well for him. He might want to get some more vittles in his belly if he wants to play LB, but probably some more good Louisiana home cooking will do that anyways.

Keep your head down and your eyes open, CenLA.

August 5, 2010  05:39 PM ET

La Tech is a good program. Be kind of fun to have some to watch and root for. Will definitely be pulling for him.

Keep your butt down and stay alert. Or is that "Stay thirsty, my friend"?

August 6, 2010  08:37 AM ET

Or is that "Stay thirsty, my friend"?

He can speak Russian

February 13, 2011  03:38 PM ET

Recruiting Update: James signed a LOI with the University of Louisiana @ Lafayette to play BASEBALL.

He turned down 3 football offers and is intent on beating LSU in Alex Box and going to the College World Series.

Well, good luck to James but as far as beating LSU in the Box,..........maybe the Ragin Cajuns can win 1 in a series of 3. :)

February 13, 2011  05:14 PM ET

Good news CenLA...That must be the sport he likes the most and thus will be happiest.

Might want to warn the Bayou Tigers to be on the lookout starting next year...

February 13, 2011  05:38 PM ET

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