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August 5, 2010, 07:57 PM
Dana confirmed it today.

the news, unfortunately was from a brazilian web site (in Portuguese), but at least you know the news :)

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August 5, 2010  08:18 PM ET

Why isn't this fight the co main event?

August 5, 2010  08:19 PM ET

IMO, the both deserve it if they win. People might say Roy doesnt deserve it, but he was a good fighter before TUF, he won TUF, and has won 2 fights in the UFC. Both 1st round KO's. If he beats JDS, well then, he def deserves it. And as far as JDS goes, theres not much explaining to do on that one.May the best man win.

I agree. I like both.
And I think they did their due dilligence to go up in the ranks. they beat scrubs and also name fighters. now they fight each other.
they are also not that new fighters (like Carwin or cain were) and have been around enough to prove their worth and knowledge.

and at least we know it will not have again a series of remaches (no Mir III or Carwin II).

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August 5, 2010  09:56 PM ET

I just saw the full pre-fight conference on UFC.Com.

Funny as hell!!! REALLY worth watching!

August 6, 2010  11:39 AM ET

Who else is there? One of these two has to be the next challenger. I loathe seeing guys that have already been beat get another shot (see Mir) and am always calling for new blood in the top. It was great seeing Carwin in there, awesome that Cain gets a chance, and if Cain loses, then even better that one of these two are next. This is the kind of matchmaking that makes MMA better than boxing.

August 6, 2010  11:43 AM ET

<<<<<<<<<< kung fu panda

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August 6, 2010  12:19 PM ET

I tend to agree, but I don't mind the insta-rematch following a controversial decision

Yaeh but in the case of Carwin he just gassed. Just like alot of people thought he would if a fight went past the 1st rd.

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August 6, 2010  02:13 PM ET

I tend to agree, but I don't mind the insta-rematch following a controversial decision

yes, but Let's define controversial.

The Rua & Machida I = Controversial
BJ Penn & Frankie - Not as much
Forrest Griffin & Rampage - Not controversial at all (you might not like it, but it was NOT controversial).
Bones & Hamil - Not controversial.
Cain & Ben Rothwell - controversial

There are degrees of controversial.
IMO only 2 fights above warrants immediate rematches.

BJ Penn does not. IMO he is good enough to get his own rematch. he know he did not fight up to his own standard, and should be able to run through any other contender to get his shot.

Rua on the other hand was clearly the victor on machida's fight. That IMO warrants an immediate rematch.

August 6, 2010  02:16 PM ET

Blowing your wad and not being able to continue is definitely no grounds for an instant rematch. If Carwin makes it through the loser of Roy/JDS, he should be right back in the hunt

the ONLY way I could consider controversial, is if Carwin complains the refree should have stoppe dthe fight on the 1st round.
And even that would be a stretch.
I mean, not even Jim would complain if the fight would be stopped. (correct me if I am wrong, Jim).
But I am not unhappy it wasn't stopped. Prof in point is that Lesnar went on to win... even if the reason Carwin burned out was because he was probably sure that keep beating on Lesnar would award a stoppage.

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August 6, 2010  04:12 PM ET

Um, well it was damn close to being stopped, and I would complain bc Im a Lesnar fan, but Ive seen many fights like that stopped. So, to be honest, no, I wouldnt have a case to complain. I keep hearing Carwins cardio questioned, but lets point out a few things.1. Carwin was never in a fight of that magnitude. Sure he fough Mir for the interim belt, but that wasnt a main event for THE belt with over a million PPV buys.2. Try hitting a heavybag for 3 minutes straight with everything you have.3. The ref was telling Brock that he was going to stop it, and Carwin threw everything he had trying to end it.Point is, there are reason why Carwin gassed, and I dont believe he didnt train properly for the fight.

Jim, I agree with you 100%.
I would have done the same thing, and I've seen it happen hundreds of time. someone spending all his energy trying to finnish someone else and have no gas for later.

I don't blame him. But I do think he had time to think and say "I will try an armbar or a sub to save some energy".
he was completely gone by the time second round started.
These are things you learned, and it is a pity he learned at the time it counted most.
But like I said, i am not unhappy with the ending, but either way (if the ref stopped the fight Or with this Lesnar victory) it leaves enough taste for going at it a second time.

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