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August 6, 2010, 11:01 PM
your apology is not excepted, Anyone who watched the seattle/Steeler superbowl knows the fix was on. There is no need for your apology we all know you blew the those calls, to help the steelers win the superbowl for Jerome bettis playing in his hometown of detroit
August 6, 2010  11:39 PM ET

And I am forever grateful!

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August 8, 2010  09:57 PM ET

I don't think the calls made a huge difference in the game. As Chimpo said, the Steelers still had a big enough lead over the Seahawks that it wouldn't have been a huge game changer.

August 8, 2010  11:37 PM ET

Ripper...HAHAH Thank you for that I havent laughed that hard in a long time.

But here is my take I read BGS usually dribble but I dont think those call would have changed the fact that the Steelers won. I have read all this and just laugh, it is just more fuel for the haters since we seem to be the team everyone loves to hate, But the fact of the matter is , The Seahawks did not play thier best ball that day, And those to calls would not have changed the game to thier favor, People will argue this for years but the fact remains The Steelers won but to add fuel < We met Seattle the next season, Same team and all and won 20-0 I think that was the score but I know they did not score on us.

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August 9, 2010  01:52 AM ET

Wow, surprised this topic got this far... Didn't think a issue from from 5 superbowls ago would still be a issue, Given that every game pretty much has one "questionable" call. Refs aren't perfect nor will they ever be even by the time they are replaced by a micro-chip.

The issue with this is that Bill Leavy just had a guilty feelings about this superbowl. He has every right to speak up if it's eating away at him that 'something" just wasn't right or borderline, whatever the calls may have been in the forth quarter . If speaking up and getting it off his mind improves his job on the field then ultimately it's for the best for everyone in the league.

This doesn't mean Seahawk fans or Steeler haters can rise up and say "I told you so" because who knows what could have happen. Also, Steeler nation shouldn't be coming out and saying "it would have never changed the out come anyway" for the same reason of who knows what could have happened. BOTH teams offensively didn't play very well in that game, I personally think the only reason that superbowl was won was because of one man who just got honored in the hall of fame on Saturday.

If you want to live in the fantasy of thinking that Superbowl was perfectly called by the Stripes, then you are insulting your own intelligence.

If it was my Giants, hell I would have no problem saying, "yeah the Giants were given a gift there with a stupid call"..As my man Moochy said once..."Bummer" and that was against the Giants and I've moved on from that point because SHHHHAT HAPPENS!!

Here's a good trivia challenge.... I think a perfect game in the NFL standpoint would be a game with no flags and no penalty yards on both teams, my question is, when was the last time this happen... no penalty yards in a entire game? How often (if at all) does this happen?

August 9, 2010  01:59 AM ET

And I am forever grateful!

PS: In this entire Thread, This was really the most honest Comment, then mine :)

August 9, 2010  03:39 AM ET

I have yet to hear anyone say that this game was well officiated. That cuts both ways. But Leavy referenced two calls specifically. The illegal roll block/tackle call against Hasselbeck was terrible. The holding call against Locklear was not.

What can you say about how a guy feels? You think the holding was correct, Some would differ. If Leavy felt wrong about it, he has the right, His peers might feel different but the final call is his responsibility since he's has the white hat on... He could have over ruled it but he didn't and it's hard because It was a game tying TD that was taken away or the good field position given to the Steelers after Taylors INT.. Whatever the poison all you can say is bummer...
The game was sealed by a great call with the trick play with Randle el because Ben wasn't going to beat the Seahawks. Would it been the same outcome if the Seahawks did tie the game? Who knows? Bummer...

It is was it is, I'll give leavy the props for speaking out and that's pretty much it. It's too bad it was a Superbowl and it's understandable why it would eat away at him. I understand that "haters"feel this should tarnish the win but the game is all about advantages, players have broken bones for 1 yard, being awarded 15 yards for a mistake is a blessing and another's misery... The steelers had to make a play to cash in the lottery ticket and they did with a smart play call. I feel for the Seahawks but it wasn't meant to be. No matter what call it was that was foul... You still have to make the plays to win!

August 9, 2010  08:34 AM ET

Fine, he feels bad about it, but when was the last time a referee overturned a holding call? Holding is pretty much an easy call. I'm not saying that my opinion is what counts; it's what his peers say that interests me.

I wouldn't say holding is a easy call... Actually if anything it's a call that is missed the most because it's so borderline most of the time.
Lol, what his peers say agree with you, of course that interest you but they weren't the one in charge. What's holding to one guy isn't they same for another, Unfortunately even though they all wear the same stripes doesn't mean they all have the same opinion. 3 of 4 saw holding, then it is holding but if you were the guy against it, what can you say in that huddle even tho you thought different? It's not a perfect system and never will be...

August 9, 2010  11:08 AM ET

Holding isn't straight forward, if it was then every play for every down in every game there would be a yellow flag, pretty much every player and coach would tell you that. It reads staight forward in the rule book but in a game...Ummm, not so much. I've seen holding calls last season that no camera could find called on a number that doesn't even exist on the roster, I've seen non calls where if this wasn't football it would be

My point is, It really doesn't matter if you are the Steven Hawking or Carl Sagan of Refs, they are all human and prone to mistakes and like everyone have the right to express their opinions. Leavy did that, It's how he feels. You or his Peers can CSI the matter but it's just one man's view... It's better to take to road of "ahh well" and "bummer". Just say sorry Bill Leavy feels that way and move on.

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