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August 8, 2010, 08:14 AM
throghout the stuppor of the drinking fog, I am still pumped.
This was, IMO the best show of the year so far, and probably will keep this way.

Yes, people say that 116 was better, I disagree. Because while I agree I was as pumped, this card was more stacked AND DELIVERED in each and every fight.

We had an amazing sub from Hughes. I don't think anyone saw it coming. Not the way it happened.

We had a thriller in HW's where both fighters gained a lot of respect. JDS will have a chance to go for the belt, but we also saw more.
1) he has a gas tank and can keep up for 3 rounds
2) Roy is great. The dude can takea punch and keep coming. I see them fighting again. Roy belongs at the top 5 in UFC.

We saw Guida finnish dos Anjos, even though it was due to injury, Dos anjos gain points for going out there hurt. and guida for trying to submit.

Alves & Fitch... I don't know. it's the only one I didn't quite like. Thiago couldn't lose weight. The fact he gave 20% of his purse for a half a pound shows he took all he could. And this obviouslt affected his game.
Now I can't really blame him. he was out of the game for a looong time, and after his brain operation he was probably not able to train & his weight went to the sky. So IMO this affected the fight we saw.

And last but not least... Anderson pulled out a victory from the jaws of defeat.
Say whgat you want, I think Silva won more respect than lost tonight. Because a great champ is not someone who can win dominating everybody. It is someone that can also pull out a win that no one really saw.
I Gained respect for Sonen, but also give A+ to Silva who even though dominated, was game until the end.

But enough about me. What did YOU think, FN???
August 8, 2010  12:31 PM ET

First, Fitch earned the decision but I agree that Alves looked horrible. We all know he has been having trouble cutting weight forever....and not being due to sickness because he was 8 over for the Hughes fight and he blamed his poor performance against GSP on weight cutting problems as well. Dana White gave Alves and ultimatum, Alves either moves to MW or he can seek fights elsewhere.

I'm not happy that Anderson won, but he did survive through adversity. People can now see his weakness. A really strong wrestler that can avoid the SUB has the absolute best chance of beating Silva.

Hughes looked like a Hughes I was watching 3 years ago. I want to know where the fountain of youth is that he has started drinking from. That SUB was just plain M PRESS IVE!

JDS and Roy was good! I was shocked that Roy survived but also happy for him. He earned a lot of respect. Maybe he'll fight the Cain v Lesnar loser....who else is there for him? Carwin? Mir? ????

And I agree Roni....I wasn't bored at watching any one of those fights. It was an amazing card.

August 8, 2010  12:37 PM ET

116 was a lot better.

Fitch vs Alvez was a typical Jon Fitch fight, good game plan, but boring as hell.

There wasn't much action in the Guida fight until the broken jaw.

116, you have...

Soti vs Pellegrino was fight of the night on most any other PPV.

Bonnar vs Krzyzstof was an amazing fight.

Lytle had a good submisson.

Leben got a triangle with 30 seconds left to steal a might he was losing(Anderson couldn't top that).

We saw Lesnar get the beating of his life in round one, and then win by submission in round 2.

117 was a great card, but 116 was a lot better IMO.

I doubt we will get back to back cards of this quality again for a while.

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August 8, 2010  01:24 PM ET

116 was better. I almost fell aslepp during the Fitch-Alves fight. Im not sure what the UFC does with Fitch. Hes the most boring fighter right now. JDS-Neslon was fun but both guys gasses quickly and the outcome was never in doubt. Guia-Dos Anjos was Ok, but the injury ruined that fight. Overall, eh, it was ok. I was expecting a lot more. The Anderson triangle at the end was awesome though.

Shields is more boring than Fitch IMO. But I just pray that they never fight each other because that would be the most boring fight in MMA history.

August 8, 2010  01:38 PM ET

These were the best back to back cards I have ever seen. Just awesome.

Anderson's sub was just nasty. What did we learn about him though:

-He now knows what it is like to actually be in a fight
-He has a chin
-His BJJ was tested again
-He is a beast
-He needs to work on takedown defense

-He is good
-Has great wrestling
-Won 4 rounds against the champ
-Can smack talk

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August 8, 2010  01:41 PM ET

I will not watch Shields fight Fitch. I'll make sure Im grabbing a beer or taking a crap. That fight would be so terrible.

That isn't worth being free.

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August 8, 2010  01:41 PM ET

According to compustrike Sonnen outstruck Anderson 289 to 29. Insane.


Anderson seemed to do a version of the rope-a-dope.

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August 8, 2010  01:42 PM ET

And actually make that any Fitch fight. The dude is pathetic to watch. Serioulsy, what does the UFC do with him. Yeah he wins, but no one can sit thru his fights.

I think Dana falls asleep during the fights.

August 8, 2010  01:44 PM ET

Maybe use it to torture the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

That's a solid idea.

I can see it now,

Judge: You killed someone and now you will get torture. No not the death or the electric chair. You will get the: JON FITCH TORTURE!

August 8, 2010  02:18 PM ET

Maybe use it to torture the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

bah. lame.
You can't use that. they would sleep. woopididoo...

maybe if you didn't allow them to sleep.
Imagine that... sleep depravation THEN this fight? they will be telling all their secrets just so we would let them take 5 minutes break! and we could always threaten them with a rematch!!!

August 8, 2010  03:28 PM ET

117 was the balls. To bad they didn't leave Fitch off the card.

August 8, 2010  03:31 PM ET

Roy vs. Jds or Hughes vs. Almeida should of been the co main event.

August 8, 2010  04:12 PM ET

What if Fitch was a main event?

August 8, 2010  04:18 PM ET

What if Fitch was a main event?

Actually, Fitch was the last fight on UFC 100, for some reason his fight was after Lesnar beating Mir.

So I guess technically, he was the main event for UFC 100.

August 8, 2010  04:35 PM ET

According to compustrike Sonnen outstruck Anderson 289 to 29. Insane.

Yeah, but let's bear in mind that most of those shots in the latter rounds were basically shots with zero to little power.

August 8, 2010  04:50 PM ET

It was a great PPV.

- Anderson vs Chael - I was obviously rooting for Anderson but things were extremely bleak in the first round. And then I thought that Silva's chances would come in the beginning of reach round, before eventual takedowns. When Sonnen got the takedown in the 5th it was all but over in my view. But out of Chael's 11 career losses, 8 of those have been by submission (that's 73% Chael), and Anderson's a BJJ black belt, did what he had done to Travis Lutter.

What can Sonnen say now about Nogueiras' BJJ training of Anderson?

- Fitch vs Alves - the night's worst fight, easily. It basically went as I expected it; Fitch has a boring style but he has been the world's #2 Welterweight for some time now (well, with Shields dropping back to WW maybe that #2 spot is still up for grabs).

As for Alves he needs to go up to MW. When you struggle to make weight each and every time you're basically losing all the advantages of fighting in a lighter weight class. He's stocky enough to fight at MW. Besides, he has already lost twice to Fitch and once against GSP...

Fitch's chances at the title? He's exactly the same fighter he was when he fought GSP the first time, so that's bad news for him...

- Guida vs Dos Anjos - hated when Mike Goldberg (who's married to a Brazilian, btw) said that "Dos Anjos" means "from angels"; it actually means "of angels". Anyways...

Guida is the usual cardio machine but Dos Anjos impressed me a lot. Let's put it this way: the man already had tremendous BJJ, and he basically showed up for this fight with incredibly improved Muay Thai. With the proper cardio Dos Anjos is going to be a factor in this weight class.

- Struve vs Morecraft - gotta love Struve. A 22-year-old kid with more than 20 pro fights and the heart of a fighter. Great comeback.

Funny moment of the night, IMO, was when, between rounds, someone told him "you can fix that with a good surgeon" (his lower lip).

- Hughes vs Almeida - it seems like Hughes is a refocused man. I don't think he can win the title again but it does seem he has earned the right to face top contenders once again. When I saw the submission I thought "ok, that's an anaconda choke, so he's going to do the gator roll now to get it"; the man didn't need to roll, that's uncanny arm strength right there.

- Roy "Where's my Hamburger?" Nelson vs JDS - well, a one-sided beating and Roy's chin kept him in there. He was basically a punching bag and while many will say that JDS should have finished it, I think he played it safe and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Why risk getting caught with a big haymaker?


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