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August 11, 2010, 12:51 PM

Hi guys, I would want to promote my fantasy simulation league and real NBA rosters for 2009 and 2010 season. I am looking for General Managers to join us. Here is a little more about our league.

The National Hoops Association is a NBA Based simulation league, simulate and generate results on a current season. The idea of building NHA is to have a realistic sim system and real time information to the members of the league, we believe that a part from the success of each team relies on valid, accurate and full information regarding stats of there players and there team. That is why we design a interactive website that will cater player pages and team pages for each team that will display and provide information regarding stats and salaries. With the idea behind the sim system we also set a standard on realistic play aswell as franchise management including Salary cap rules, player agents for off season free agency as we look on applying what is also being run on the NBA atleast a few but not all.

All internal management will be held in the forums, a part from that the National Hoops Association is focus on media articles, a media driven league that serves as a basis of General Managers activity within the league. The league demands a high level of participation and dedication thru its members. There is also a multitude of rules and regulations in place to protect the integrity of the league, hp?f=4

To check the team rosters ->
August 12, 2010  12:26 AM ET

25 Teams are still left. Please join us guys!

August 12, 2010  06:32 PM ET

Why join us?

I would want to invite you to join our league we are using the NBA Opening night roster of 2009 to 2010 season, its name is the National Hoops Association. We use Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball but its a great sim engine and we have a few good GMs, we are just starting and I strongly believe that your knowledge on basketball and NBA will be a good asset and a jumpstart to handle a team on our league.

We want it as realistic as the real league is, we have a :

- Rookie/Prospect Class League ( Like the NCAA that compose of Rookies like John Wall, Turner and Cousins that will help GMs evaluate more on the rookies and scout just like what is happening on the real world, the NBA.

- We have complete team pages, player pages and free agent coaches page. That will help our GMs on monitoring there team and players, we also included a page that lists scheduled games for each teams.

You can access it here ->

- For winning games, there are a lot of factors to consider. Coaching staff, Strategies, the way you Sub out your players or manage them on the games, recruitment (trading, free agent, rookie draft)

So there are really more factors to win and strategical plans is needed, exciting.

- The forum and the whole league is very organized. So hurry up man join us now.

Join us here.

Visit our forum here.

Thank you, hope to see you there soon.


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