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August 15, 2010, 02:29 PM
It may not count but ANY time you beat the Packers at Lambeau, be it preseason, regular season or post season it is a huge deal.

Things to take away:

- This should kill the ridiculous meme that Cleveland actually took a step BACK in its QB situation. Sure Delhomme and Wallace probably won't do that every night but it shows you what they're capable of against a starting NFL D. I can't even picture Quinn or Anderson going 6-7 for 66 yards in an opening touchdown. Jake made the adjustments, went through his progression, threw with timing, all the things most NFL teams take for granted but the Browns never had last year. He even flopped in order to get a roughing call and a few extra yards.

- The O Line is solid. When the starting unit was out there, the Pack didn't even breath on them. Sure Clay Matthews was out but this was a team that had 38 sacks last year. They know how to get to the QB. Also, despite what that guy at ESPN says, the run game was solid last night. Harrison went in from 4 yards out standing up. The Browns starters were having too much success throwing the ball, they didn't have to pound it.

- TJ Ward and Joe Hadden are for real. Yeah Rodgers and Company went up and down the field but it wasn't easy. Hadden and Ward were in the vicinity every time the ball went up. Rodgers was great but he had to be great. There was only one instance where a Packer WR was wide open. As soon as Rodgers and the starting WR's went to the bench, the Packer passing attack fizzled. Ward also laid some lumber. I feel really good for TJ who easily the most criticized Browns pick. gave his pick a Millen for a Grade. If he plays like that the whole season he'll make them eat that Millen with a side of crow.

- I saw a LOT of keepers on the Defensive front. Browns looked stocked at the D Line. Yeah the Pack ran wild in the second half, but once the young guys started taking care of their gap responsibilities they shut down Green Bay.

- Newsflash, the Browns have the best special teams in the league. We already knew that but it was nice to see the unit prove it with Josh Cribbs on the sideline for most of the night.

- Colt McCoy had a rough time throwing but you have to love his moxie. It wasn't happening for him through the air but he still got two first downs with his feet. That's definitely something you can build upon.
August 15, 2010  06:48 PM ET

The Browns were so inept last year that we did not score in the first pre-season game against these very same Packers. It's not that they didn't care to because the game had no meaning, they were just not capable.

But I am not here to re-hash previous shortcomings, I want to point out how important this game was.

Confidence building. They showed the can actually catch the ball (22 catches). They showed that when they go against a playoff team who's QB passed for over 4000 yards the previous 2 seasons that our offense can come back with an answer. We had 4 receivers with 3 catches, 3 receivers with 2 catches, and 6 receivers with a catch each. That shows depth and QB consistency. It appears that both teams had limited success running the ball, but I think both coaches just wanted to study the passing game.

Defensively, we gave up 24 points. This, I don't believe is their best effort. Our young DB's had quite a challenge going up against Donald Driver and company. It seamed like they left Rogers in quite a while after we made our 1st QB change (1 1/2 qtr.). I'm sure there will be quite a bit of film study and they will come out better prepared in the future.

Next week we play the Rams that had it handed to them by the Favre-less Vikings. They had a grand total of 150 offensive yards, and gave up 6 sacks. Their only TD was on a punt return. Sounds a lot like last years Browns.

August 15, 2010  08:57 PM ET

The Browns new management should right the ship. Holmgren and Heckert need a little more time to add personnel....but the team is heading in the right direction. Winning is contagious, a few W's in the reg. season will do wonders for that team.
Good luck!

August 16, 2010  11:16 AM ET

Well you can't go by the preseason performances. But in the case of our OLD QB duo of Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn you really could. For the Cardinals, Anderson threw 1 TD and 2 picks. About what he was doing in Cleveland. And Quinn...he took one step further to owning a used car lot in Mentor. But that's no longer our concern and that alone is cause for celebration.

August 17, 2010  11:02 AM ET

I was impressed with the Browns. The tempo was good in the beginning. They came out aggressive, which I liked. The younger guys in the secondary seemed to be thinking more than reacting, but those reps were very valuable towards improving that. There is such a glaring difference in QB play this year--kinda makes the DA/BQ debates seem rediculous. Mohamed Massaquoi ran some very good routes and made nice adjustments to some of the balls he caught. I was also glad to see that the passing game was the focus more so than the running game. The young receivers really need the reps more than our backs right now. And what a find in Evan Moore--solid hands and awareness. Can't wait to see the progress of the defense in week two against the Rams. They should fill the gaps and be in better postition. One thing that makes me nervous about the D: are the linebackers going to be able to drop back in better pass coverage?

August 17, 2010  11:10 AM ET

On a side note, I know that it is only preseason, but I have a problem with how the game was broadcast on NFL Network. I understand that the game was in Green Bay, but would it hurt the guys in the booth to mention SOMETHING about a few of the Browns players on the field? I feel like I could name about 25 back-ups for the Packers; yet they barely mentioned anyone playing for the Browns after the first team ran the openning drive. It was irratating for such a one-sided affair. And I know someone will post the "who is there to mention in Cleveland" posts, but it does not hinder me from wanting to know more about this roster. Go Browns!

August 17, 2010  01:53 PM ET

I understand them hiring one set of announcers, but how hard is it to say "tackle made by #43, TJ Ward?" Oh, that's right they would have to actually talk about the game/players and not what they are wearing or who said what to this guy on twitter.

August 17, 2010  01:57 PM ET

Pre-season games mean less than nothing. Having said that it's always better to win than lose. Good luck to the Browns this year. It may be a tad slow, but I think they're finally on the right track.

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August 17, 2010  02:32 PM ET

LCBF,I can identify with ya on Our teams Being in the Basement for Years[Bengals],But ifn The Browns can beat thier Divisional Rivals?,They can beat anyone on any givin day........

I agree. The Browns are not that pretty on paper, but I think that they will surprise some teams this year. If Palmer stays healthy the Bengals could be tough to beat this year.

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August 17, 2010  04:40 PM ET

Are you sure you're a Bengals fan?

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