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August 17, 2010, 12:28 PM
From the SportNickel Roundtable

Joseph: Stylistically, I???d like to see him fight Riggs, who???s beaten him once before. How much has Diaz really improved as a fighter since then? Plus, it would probably be at 170, a weight I???d like to see Diaz stick with. However, Miller has a bigger fan base, and the post-fight antics of ???Strikeforce: Nashville??? almost guarantee more viewers, and I think it???s the match SF will make.

Joao: Both would be great and compelling match-ups but I am siding with the possibility of Diaz vs Miller. What???s there not to like about this match-up?
If everyone remembers, after Shields beat Henderson an unlikely in-cage brawl erupted, with the C??sar Gracie camp fighters deciding to gang up on Mayhem. One of those fighters was obviously Nick Diaz, so Mayhem now wants a measure of payback.
Both are great fighters and this ???revenge??? storyline would allow Strikeforce to do a lot of marketing build-up for such a fight.

Collin: Miller.
He has a better shot at beating Diaz, he is WAY better than Joe on the ground and has sharp and explosive enough stand up to compete with the slow, loopy onslaught that Diaz will surely bring to him. Joe really has not shot, standing or on the ground.

David: I would prefer to see Miller fight Diaz, only for the trash talk, Riggs did beat Diaz- but he is WAY past his prime- even at 27. Miller loses, and a readymade headline fight is over, Diaz loses, and its not for a belt. Riggs is going to move less people to Showtime than either of the two.

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August 17, 2010  12:29 PM ET

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August 17, 2010  04:36 PM ET

I don't see how StrikeForce would be thrilled to replay the incident after Shields beat Henderson.
If anything it would be good to get away and make everyone forget about it.

but I would rather see Miller than Riggs...

August 18, 2010  02:58 PM ET

I don't see how StrikeForce would be thrilled to replay the incident after Shields beat Henderson.If anything it would be good to get away and make everyone forget about it.but I would rather see Miller than Riggs...

Thats Money right there.

Riggs' fight was DULL.

August 18, 2010  03:09 PM ET

Mayhem vs just about anyone is a fight sure to entertain.

I remember watching a fight with him in Hawaii, in Superbrawl (which then changed its name to Icon Sport, bla bla).

He fought Mark Moreno, from Ronald Jhun's camp. Basically toyed with him on the ground, goofed around and then got the armbar finish when he saw fit.

Then Jhun and some other guys from that camp came into the ring and Jhun told Mayhem "when are you going to give me my rematch?" (Mayhem had already beaten Jhun).

Mayhem thought about it for some seconds and then replied "you know what? I like Hawaiians. But damn, you guys are only tough when surrounded by plenty of other Hawaiian friends!". The crowd - entirely Hawaiian - actually started cheering for Mayhem and booing Jhun and the others.


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