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August 21, 2010, 07:45 PM
Brett Favre appears to be coming back to Minnesota after being absent from Vikings training camp for two weeks (as written by Sam Farmer at the Chicago Tribune):

???It looks like Brett Favre is headed for a career hat trick.

???The 40-year-old quarterback appears to be coming back for a third time since announcing his retirement in 2008. Favre flew to Minnesota on Tuesday aboard a private jet with three Vikings teammates dispatched to Hattiesburg, Miss., to plead for his return.???

Yes, no one is surprised. Most of us knew that Favre just didn???t want to come to training camp. But it still surprises me that all this elicits is a the collective yawn from fans and media.

Most people seem to accept that Favre has the Vikings over a barrel. And, rather than being annoyed by the fact that he???s taking advantage of it (and them), they seem to admire him for it. My own feelings are quite the opposite. The whole thing is a black eye for the NFL. I blame both the Vikings and Favre for it but only because I blame Vikings head coach Brad Childress for everything just out of principal.

Its true that Favre doesn???t need to be in training camp for the full duration anymore. He???s a veteran who knows the offense and knows how to quickly get into sync with his recievers. But Favre doesn???t seem to care about the effects his attitude has upon the team morale. There are players, particularly younger players, who do need training camp and who do need to be in Mankato where the Vikings train. But they see Favre absent and wonder why they should be there. Suddenly RB Adrian Peterson is missing mandatory off-season practices. WR Percy Harvin shows up two weeks late to camp. Yes, his grandmother died and yes he gets migraines. But one wonders if he wouldn???t have gotten back a lot quicker if the importance of training camp had been impressed upon him by the veteran presence of Favre as a team leader.

Being a member of a professional football team means more than showing up to do your own job. It means sacrifice for the team. It means sacrifice to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. Its about working with others towards a common goal in the greatness and generosity of the human spirit.

Favre is well-known for sacrificing his body on the field and people (like myself) point to that and love it. Doing such things contribute to his own legend. But it makes one wonder when he???s asked to do something relatively small purely for the benefit of his teammates and refuses. One wonders if he ever thinks of anyone but himself. One wonders if he ever has. One wonders if, in the end, that won???t be his legacy.
August 22, 2010  06:57 PM ET

If the Vikings front office doesn't have a problem with it then everyone will get over it. By the time players arrive in the NFL this stuff disturbs them a little, but once it's time to work they do it. Peterson wants more money and Favre had nothing to do with it. Harvin apparently had other issues to deal with that didn't include Favre. All owners don't handle things the same way, one could argue that the McCloskeys are taking advantage of the Bears fans by refusing to build a new staduim BUT raised ticket prices. The NFL is first a BUSINESS and then a family-no picnic will bring a player to camp if they don't get their money. This is not a back eye, this is business. It's not any different from the reports out of Chicago that states they only make Cutler available to the media one day a week, that's favortism in itself because Romo talks all the time. We don't have a cut off point. Alot of people will argue that Cutler only thought about himself and left a team hanging. It works both ways. The Cowboys have used their private plane to go after players. That's one of the reasons they buy them. They didn't do anything wrong.

August 23, 2010  05:17 PM ET

Now lets watch the NFC north send 3 teams to the playoffs and maybe have 4 teams .500 and above. Yes you heard me say it The Bears, Vikings, and the Packers will make the playoffs with the Lions chasing .500 all season long. Sad that they are in the same division but they are going to suprise alot of teams this year. Go BEARS!!!

August 23, 2010  05:50 PM ET

favre sucks..... plain and simple. i hope he gets what he deserves this season.

August 23, 2010  05:51 PM ET

favre sucks..... plain and simple. i hope he gets what he deserves this season.

he will

August 24, 2010  12:27 AM ET

Yea Peppers is going to give it to him too!!!!

August 24, 2010  12:08 PM ET

favre sucks..... plain and simple. i hope he gets what he deserves this season.

He will - probably either a trip to the Super Bowl, or the Infirmary, whichever comes first.

In other news: The sky is still blue, the sun came up today and there are still fifty United States of America. To wit, Brett Favre missing most of training camp and still coming back to play is equally as predictable.

Next year, though, I'm betting Puerto Rico becomes an official US state, the 51st ... its more likely to happen than "Ole Mississippi" actually staying retired ...

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