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August 23, 2010, 11:48 PM
Rumor is that they want the rematch on new years eve or superbowl weekend. It depends on Andersons ribs.
August 24, 2010  02:55 AM ET

Then GSP faces the winner in Toronto in May 2011...


August 24, 2010  07:25 AM ET

Why the rematch ?!?

Why not Sonnen vs Belfort instead, with the winner getting Silva?

August 24, 2010  09:02 AM ET

I thought the report Vitor & Sonnen was already set... why are rumors of Silva & Sonnen still out?

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August 24, 2010  11:27 AM ET

???I talked to Lorenzo (Fertitta) this week and will return in November,??? Belfort said. ???I just asked him to not be (on the November card in Germany). I'm tired of traveling. I would like to return to fighting here in America. According to my conversation with Lorenzo, my opponent will not be Sonnen, but another guy that will be decided soon.???

This is from an article in Sherdog.

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August 24, 2010  11:43 AM ET

Pleasse be Vitor-Leben.

That would be a fun fight to watch for sure and I think Leben deserves a shot to become a contender again.

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August 24, 2010  12:15 PM ET

Leben has a good chin but is way to slow to bang with Vitor.

Will be a highlight reel KO that they can show over and over in promotion of Silva-Belfort.

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August 24, 2010  12:27 PM ET

it will be a test for sure.
Leben is not to be trifled with. But I have confidence Vitor should prevail...

but I don't like the immediate rematch for Sonnen. he lost fair & square.

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August 24, 2010  02:05 PM ET

Im not sure I feel about the immdiate rematch. Sonnen did dominate for 23 mins but you're right Anderson won fair and square. I think Vitor should get the next shot, but he's been out way too long to wait untli Jan/Feb, and needs a tune up fight IMO. Im actually starting to not mind a rematch. Lets see if the rib injury was really the issue for Anderson and if it is, he should beat Chael, which would set up Belfort/Silva anyway.

I agree with you (that it's the best option), but it sets a precedent and that is not good at all.
It is much like Mir & Lesnar. Even though Mir was perceived as the one with most chances to beat Lesnar, I was really not thrilled to see Lesnar fighting AGAIN the same guy.

UFC should make a better line for a title shot. There are many intriguing fights and many "top calibers" in the division that could be in title shots talks. Okami, Akiyama, Ricardo Almeida, Nate, Palhares, wandi
I really don't mind who, but the UFC should have done a proper job to setup a line, so there wouldn't be only 2 options.

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August 24, 2010  02:57 PM ET

Well, I just read thats the fight Dana is leaning to. Silva-Sonnen 2. He said his job is to give the fight fans want to see.

yes, like we wanted to see Chuck & tito.
That's a BS phrase he repeats every time he puts a fight NO ONE WANTS to see.
Or, in this case, we all want to see, but not right now!

August 24, 2010  03:25 PM ET

I know nothing of Sonnen, but don`t you guy`s think Silva will be much better prepared for him in a rematch, and take care of business quicker, or is Sonnen just a bad match up for Anderson ?

I think it is a combination of both.
Sonnen is great in what pertains pressure and takedowns.
I mean, look at Nate. He was the absolute #1 contender, and was taken down at will by Sonnen. Same thing with Okami.
And look at Okami, how he handled Mark Munoz. The fact he could stop all Munoz's takedowns shows you he has good TDD.

Add that to the fact Silva was hurt, and obviously things were looking good for Sonne.
But I think it will be a little more of the same, but with a more active Silva (he will not just be looking to survive, but will be more active at the bottom & will try to stand more)

August 24, 2010  03:39 PM ET

Anderson Silva.

The only person who could possibly beat Anderson is Clay Guida. He refuses to get knocked out.

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August 24, 2010  04:28 PM ET

thanks Roni, I don`t know any of the guy`s you mentioned either, but you think it will be the same type of fight again ?I didn`t see the last fight, was Anderson not active like he normally is ? I think if he wasn`t fighting his fight the last time he would have won easier, and if he is more active this time shouldn`t he win easier ?I almost hit submit, and thought I should add, I`m drinking today and curious, not confrontationable in case my boozed up question`s came off like that.

not at all, my friend. :)
I think Sonnen's game is just one that doesn't allow his opponent to have a second off.
And this plays against Silva who prefers distance where he can punch his opponent with grat accuracy.

So I think the fight will be almost the same with Sonnen taking SIlva down and working from the top for GnP.
But the difference is that I see Silva more active from the bottom.

Last fight, IMO Silva was just defending, taking his time, looking for some opening.
This time around, I see him slapping the body triangle on Sonnen on the first round and landing a barrage of punches & elbows until he either breaks free or submits Sonnen.

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