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August 24, 2010, 01:02 PM
With the still non-existent offense in Dallas and the ever-present fiasco courtesy of Fat Albert both teams are reeling in the press. Both teams will desperately need a win opening night, only one team will get a win.

Who will need it more? I think Dallas. All the soothsayers see Dallas playing at home in February...well after 3 weeks of pre-season and all the injuries I don't think Dallas could beat the Yorktown High Patriots right now!

Washington can survive the home loss against the "powerful" Cowboys and still move forward. They are coming off a 4-12 so there is plenty of room for improvement and areas to fault in the pre-season for less than sterling performance.

The winner will get a 7 day grace period from the continued examination, the loser will feel the pressure increase two fold. It could come down to the QBs; Romo and protection he gets (or doesn't get) or McNabb and the tweak his ankle got--that won't help his mobility.

Where I was looking forward to this game weeks ago as an opportunity to see the two teams square off fresh, right now I see two teams already on their heels.

As my moniker implies I want a Dallas victory, but I look towards that Sunday night with some trepidation right now.

Any thoughts?
August 25, 2010  07:47 AM ET

It seems Wash. is banged up pretty good right now. Unless they are fast healers....they might come out the gates a wounded duck. Offensively 5 needs to get that ankle straight, and the line should be a little better with the Jammal Brown addition. The WR Armstrong seems to emerging, in an area where they could use a boost. Moss is getting long in the tooth, and Kelly looks like a bust so far. Thomas, Cooley, Davis, Moss, and Armstrong isn't a horrible line-up....but will get the job done for now. (surprised they aren't making a run at Vincent Jackson). The D is solid, but how many snaps can they count on from Fat Albert? He was brought in and paid a kings ransom to be the game changer on defense.

Dallas only has a few issues that I can see, one being some continuity on the O line, and the starter at SS. Once the games count, that offense will be red hot with Romo, Witten, Austin, Bryant(when he comes back), Bennett, and the 3 headed monster at RB. On defense Sensabaugh was the starter at SS, but a shoulder injury may be paving the way for undrafted Barry Church to start. That could be a **** in the armor for now....I don't think Sensabaugh's injury will be season ending though.

Like I stated above, I think Wash. D is solid, but Dallas has the edge based on raw firepower.
Dallas has the ability to pile up the points with big plays and overwhelm teams, and not many teams can match Dallas point for point.

Good luck to both clubs.
I'll be pulling for McNabb 14 out of 16 games this year, ha-ha.

August 27, 2010  10:04 PM ET

I have yet to see any execution of flash in the highly touted Dallas Offense. Right now there is little continuity and the O line is a real big problem. Recall the problems Greenbay had last year while their O line was injured. As your O line goes, so does the rest of your game. I look forward to Saturday's match vs the Texans to see if Dallas in fact has an offense, I have yet to see it.

September 13, 2010  05:23 PM ET

Well i had reason for concern. Garrett laid a turd as usual. He should have run more for a balance in the run/pass attacks. As a consequence Dallas soaks up the loss. Props to the Skins D and getting the win.

For our Skins friends here, your team needs some more offensive firepower, maybe it will come as the season matures. McNabb dropped a few pounds (like I recommended) and he will do well in Philly I bet.


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