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August 27, 2010, 11:01 AM
The coaches are going to have a hard time narrowing down the roster with all of the versatile players that they have been gathering. Cribbs, Hillis, and Wallace are the obvious standouts as Jack-of-all-trades, but there are several players that offer a lot mobility as far as positions they can play. One to keep in mind might be Sheldon Brown moving to safety. That would depend highly on the progression of Haden and the level of play from Wright, McDonald and safeties Abe Elam (who appears to play on the slow side) and Mike Adams. Brown came into the league with the Eagles as a safety. Our linebackers have also been placed inside, outside, in coverage packages and different blitz packages. It's no secret that the more you can offer to the Browns, the more your stock will rise when it comes to cuts. It should be interesting to watch the last two preseason games to see how the coaches utilize as many looks and scenarios for the bubble guys to see who will step up and win those last roster spots. Special teams will also provide another avenue for those players fighting to make this team.
August 27, 2010  01:17 PM ET

Write this down. 2-14 at BEST. Sorry, I don't see any more wins than that for you. It woul dbe nice if you could beat the Stoolers or Bungles for us but unfortunately I think they completely outclass you (as usual).BTW, the Ravens are going to humiliate you for the cheapshot on Suggs last year.

Write this down. "I am a known tool, and I hereby swear not to visit Cleveland Browns threads for the purpose of taunting their fans." Copy this 99 times, and turn it in to the principal first thing Monday morning. Failure to do so will result in your having to change Art Modell's diapers for the next six months, or until his death, whichever comes first. In the event that there is a waiting list for this duty, as there is likely to be, as Ravens fans are known to line up to tongue Art's sphincter, you will have to perform the same service for Al Davis instead.

August 27, 2010  01:44 PM ET

Cant recall mentioning anything about a regular season record...smells like a familiar song and dance. Wonder how long this account will remain open.

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August 27, 2010  07:34 PM ET

Brown came into the league with the Eagles as a safety

Brown played CB at South Carolina and was drafted to play CB in 2002, along with Lito Sheppard... to replace Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor. Brown is physical and hasn't lost all of his cover skills yet. The idea of converting him to safety was something Eagle fans were talking about, before he was traded.

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August 28, 2010  07:19 AM ET

KC-Win Car-Win Buffalo-Win Pitts(@Home)-Win
Iffy games- TB, Cincy (@ Home Factor), Atlanta(@ Home Factor),

August 28, 2010  08:43 AM ET

Brown played CB at South Carolina and was drafted to play CB in 2002, along with Lito Sheppard... to replace Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor. Brown is physical and hasn't lost all of his cover skills yet. The idea of converting him to safety was something Eagle fans were talking about, before he was traded.

That's because Sheldon Brown hits like this...

August 29, 2010  09:02 AM ET

I'll be fair I see them going 4-12 if a few other teams don't have melt downs. The o side of the ball is good if they cut down on turnovers and use there heads and start Hillis and Vickers in the backfield. I know everyone can't wait to see Hardesty but he won't play much becuase he is injury prone.I don't know if anybody else saw how much of a spark Hillis & Vickers has given the team when they come in. Now on the d-side they still have the same old song & dance can't stop the run. Well they can't stop the pass either.Here's what I say go back to the 4-3. You can't stop the run or cover the backs & tightends or get sacks because the linebackers SUCK !

August 31, 2010  05:03 PM ET

Hey ghost, it's preseason. Even so, they are 9th in the league right now in fewest yards allowed. They've given up too many points, sure; but you cannot honestly say that this defense has not improved since last year. Plus, there are a lot of new additions to the roster who are still learning as they go. Sacks and turnovers (or the lack thereof) does concern me to some degree, but there is still plenty of time to see how that pans out. How about we get into the regular season a little bit before we run up the white flag, huh?

September 2, 2010  03:05 PM ET

Our defense has strong mediocrity, Im thinkin we are gonna be pretty solid this year and give up some big plays. We definatley improved upon our tackling in the offseason with additions like fujita, ware, and hadden. Speed in my mind appears to be our biggest issue now (not to mention the age of our d-line). Even our youngster Hadden completely blew his 40 time at the combine. Rubin seems to be a strong upside when last year Rogers was hurt in the last 4 games (we won) he helped anchor that defense, and deny an extra 50 ypg than Rogers was able to do in the 12 games earlier. Ward has had a nice preseason, the pickup of Sheldon Brown was in my opinion great, but again speed is a question. As far as offense we really lack depth at Wideout. Massaquoi is looking to impress this season, and I have alot of confindence that Delhomme and Wallace are much better options than DA or Quinn (poor cardinal fans dont know what they are getting themselves into). Carlton Mitchell i thought was gonna be a great find, although he is proving me wrong. Robisikie sometimes finds himself in the right place at the right time but lacks consistency. Ben Watson <3. And then the highlight of our offense is obviousely our backfield. In Harrison, Hillis, Hardesty, and keep Davis!! Sorry Jennings you'll probably find a nice home in D.C. with all the other running backs of the league!

Hopefully Carolina fans arent saying the same thing to us that im saying to the Cardinal fans. Go Browns!

September 2, 2010  03:08 PM ET

oh and my opinion is 5-11

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September 2, 2010  04:13 PM ET

Always the danger of spreading it too thin. I like the fact that they have the personel that WANT to do everything that they can for their club. Cribbs has really helped set the tone in the locker room about giving above and beyond for you team. The Browns have been continually adding players with a team first mentality--at least that's what you hear in the interviews and such. Of course, you have to take all of that politically correct rhetoric with a grain of salt.

September 2, 2010  05:29 PM ET

oh and my opinion is 5-11

This has got to be a first, we have a true Browns fan from Pa., and he admits it. Welcome aboard.

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September 2, 2010  07:59 PM ET

6-10. I'd be happy as hell with 8-8, but I don't quite see it...

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