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August 29, 2010, 04:06 PM
Sat in loge right above the tunnel where Randy came out, and Edgar came out. The fighters also left through this tunnel.

Nice win by Dan Miller, he really needed it.

Nick Lentz-Andre Winner has to be the worst fight of the year. I think Jon Fitch had a son and named him Nick Lentz, man was the fight awful.

The place went crazy for Joe Lauzon, and even crazier when he locked that armbar in. Awesome stuff.

After this, we had a little time to kill so went to grab some beers. Im in line and Scott Jorgensen was next to me. We were talking a little and I told him he deserves a title shot, and he said he thought so too. The guy carded Scott, and I asked him if it really was Scott Jorgensen. He was damn tiny, I couldve put him in my back pocket.

Tom Atencion was right there too selling his Affliction stuff with the hottest chicks you'll ever see, barely wearing anything with 4 inch heels on. Nice stuff.

I ran into Shawn Tompkins and I asked him if he was still training Vitor, he said he was and Vitor will be fighting in November. I asked who against, and he said not sure, but it could be a Japanese guy with a smirk, and I said, "Okami", he smiled and walked off.

Also ran into Shogun and Thiago Alves. Alves was really short too, and he looked in a rush, he was speed walking in the hall and just slamming into people, but people Im sure knew who he was and obviously didnt say anything to him.

The Diaz-Davis fight was an absolute war. Best fight on the card.

The crowd went insane in the Randy fight. Man that was awesome.

Penn-Edgar fight was ok. Penn looked off, like he was disinterested. He came out aggressive then was taken down, and Franke pretty much worked a better gameplan throughout the fight. A couple of times Penn got a takedown and people in the crowd (who were most pro Penn) said, here we go. But Frankie would turn right into BJ's guard.

I dont see how Edgar beats Maynard. Maynard looked awesome against Florian, and he's a monster for LW. I see him taking Frankie down at will and beating him up.

Overall, the card wasnt the greatest, but it was a lot of fun. You also catch yourself looking at the big screens a bunch especially when the fight hits the floor. The atmosphere in the building was electric, and its something every fight fan should experience at least once.
August 29, 2010  05:08 PM ET

Thanks for sharing, man! I am sure it was a great experience.... hopefully now Boston will be in the circuit and we will have better cards for (I pray) cheaper prices :)

August 29, 2010  06:43 PM ET

Vitor vs Okami, interesting...I wonder what the UFC has in store for Wanderlei

Doesn't Jorgenson have a skin disorder that would make him easy to spot?

You should have asked why Shawn Tompkins why he drew up the worst possible game plan for Coleman during the Couture fight, and then asked him why he demanded that Coleman stick to it instead of shooting.

How easy was it to see what was going on in the cage? Was it easy to see the positions on the ground and stuff like that?

August 29, 2010  08:34 PM ET

one thing that intrigues me: Do you hear Rogan live or it's just the crowd ?
I mean, if you are not really an MMA fan, would you know who is who and what is happening?

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August 30, 2010  04:38 PM ET

sound`s like you had a great time ! thats cool. Do ya have plans on going to more events ?

if/when they come back to MA, if I am better financially, i would sure like to go!!!
I just hope we get included into the yearly circuit, so I won't have to wait 10 years for the next show in MA :)

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August 30, 2010  07:03 PM ET

Alves must have been in a hurry to get training and working hard to cut weight...Oh wait he doesn't cut wait..what am I thinking about.

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August 31, 2010  10:24 AM ET

It`s sounds like it would be a great sport to attend in person, but a lot of cash I can`t justify spending...........but if I would lay off the booze for awhile :-)

Thats blaphemy!!!!!!!!

August 31, 2010  10:24 AM ET

Thats blaphemy!!!!!!!!

blasphemy... see i couldn't even type after reading that...

August 31, 2010  10:44 AM ET

LOL........which one, giving up booze, or not giving up the cash to go to an event ?

booze man!!!! lol


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