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September 1, 2010, 05:56 AM
If the Phillies don't re-sign Jayson(am i on base?)Werth,what do fellow Phillies fans think of signing Manny? He has a long time relationship with Charlie Manuel,going back to when he was his hitting coach with the Indians.I'm sure he would play harder for him.I love Domonic Brown's potential,but he's not Manny,plus he's only 22.I think he would be a good fit.Having Manny bat before Ryan Howard would take some pressure of of him too.
September 7, 2010  02:01 PM ET

NO WAY BRO, I will call the Phillies and tell them I wont renew my Full Season tix package ( of 7 seasons) he is a CANCER and defies the makeup, Amaro makes a few mistakes, but even he will see that coming.. Not to mention the Phillies have enough payroll already,oh and he wld Bat 5TH, Batting 3RD is the Phillies Franchise Player ( and HomeGrown also) Chase (****) Utley

September 7, 2010  04:38 PM ET

As a Braves fan, I say sure....Please sign Manny for the 14Mil a year he asks for. That way they can't sign someone worth the money.

September 11, 2010  08:26 PM ET

I think Manny is more apt to stay in the AL and DH, he's had too many injuries and doesn't heal as quickly without the steroids.....

October 3, 2010  06:15 AM ET

Your joking. Right?

November 2, 2010  03:37 PM ET

Great idea, Manny would fit in perfect, like you said he has a great relationship wit Charlie Manual, and the phillies could make their line up look a little something like this
Brown/Right handed Platoon possibly Ben Francisco
Pitcher Spot
I also think they need to do what ever they can to get rid of Ibanez, i love the guy, hes got a lot of heart, but we have just way too many lefties in our line up, and he is takin away from the learning curve of Dominic Brown... also with manny it allows you to be able to have francisco and brown platoon, and late in the game, you can put which ever one is sittin on the bench, to go play defence for manny a lot like the phillies use to do with burrell... but i have a great question... does anyone feel that shane victorino has over stayed his welcome... if you think about it he has not done much since the 2008 world series, and has cost the phillies some big games with some terrible baserunning, and swinging at terrible pitches?? id like to hear what some other people think about all of this

November 2, 2010  11:22 PM ET

If Manny ever plays hard again let me know & don't forget he's a terrible fielder something he would have to do back in the N.L

November 3, 2010  09:58 AM ET

he plays left field... a spot where you put your worst defensive outfielder... and he plays there until he has his last at bat, then u put a better defensive guy out there... Charlie Manual use to do it all the time with Pat Burrell, Pat would bat in the 7th or 8th inning, get on base, and Eric Bruntlett would come out and run for him and go into left field and finish the game out there... this would not be a bad move...


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