November 25, 2008, 03:41 PM
16 team playoff with 8 conference champions and 8 at-large teams under the jurisdiction of the NCAA. The top 8 conferences are ranked every two years instead of every four years: 50% of the ranking is win-loss record v. other conferences. Other things considered in conference rankings; average final ranking of all members, final ranking of highest ranked team, average strength of schedule of all members, anything else that should be included that I left out.

Each conference eligible for the playoff will have twelve teams split into two divisions and will have a championship game played between the two division winners. Each team will play 11 games, 7 conference games and 4 out of conference games, one of which can be a ???rivalry??? game which, in the case that this game is against a conference opponent from the conference???s other division, will not count as a conference game in years it does not occur on the conference schedule. No more than 6 games may be home games. Every conference will have the same rules for deciding who plays in the conference championship games; I don't care if it's target skydiving by the mascots or sumo wrestling in jello by the coaches (thanks for the idea and the visual prove it) as long as it's the same for every conference.

At large teams are based on the season's final ranking and are selected as based on following rules:
1) Top eight non conference champions in season's final rankings receive at-large bids.
2) No at-large bids for any team that schedules an FCS team.
3) No at-large bids for any team that schedules more than 1 team ranked outside of the top 75% in the season's FINAL rankings.
4) No at-large bids for any team that loses more than 2 games.
In years in which there are not enough at large teams to fill the 16 team bracket, the highest seeded conference champions receive byes.

The rankings, of which only the final rankings will have any bearings on the playoff selection, will consist of the following:
* 1/6 coaches poll which will never be anonymous
* 1/6 harris poll
* 1/3 new human poll. Each eligible conference will have 5 voters who must have played or coached college football. Voters who have a team ranked +/- 5 positions from the average rank of common polls more than once in a season are removed from the poll for the remainder of the season.
* 1/3 computer rankings that take into account:
* strength of schedule
* away wins count more than home wins
* wins against higher ranked teams count more
* consecutive games against highly ranked teams count more with each further difficult game carrying a higher bonus.
* margin of victory (capped after + 17 points)
* any important statistics I have forgotten to include


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