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September 4, 2010, 12:27 AM
4-0 in the preseason sounds nice, the last time they did that they went 14-2. It won't happen this year but the 49ers should win the NFC West and make the playoffs. The 49ers were a terrible road team last year and start their season @Seattle and play 3 of their first 4 games on the road of those 3 games they should beat Seattle and K.C. and if they beat Atlanta that would be frosting on the cake, considering what Atlanta did to them last year. Alex Smith looks mediocre and apparently thats all the 49ers want of him, of coarse he didn't get to throw much to V. Davis and not at all to M. Crabtree in preseason games. A solid offensive line that will only get better as the season progresses and a much better all around running game than last year. The defense looks solid and several of the players showed improvements, the secondary still being the weak point. I would imagine that there will be plenty of player movement in the secondary until something gels. The players I was surprised to see cut were; 1.Khalif Mitchell 2. Matt Wihelm 3. Brit Miller. Even though I was a Nate Davis fan I can see no reason why they should keep him around much longer, even the coach isn't to happy with his progress. They may cut him if some other QB shows up after the final cut date.
September 5, 2010  11:54 AM ET

To bad the 49ers don't have more cap room, they could pick up Leinart and in doing so have 3 first round draft choices on their QB roster and one of them being a Heisman Trophy winner. It was good to see David Carr at the Fresno game last night and receive the recognition from Bulldog fans.

September 12, 2010  08:48 PM ET

Coach Singletary after the game," I want to thank coach Carroll for beating the heck out our team" The 49ers led in several offensive categories but the 3 categories I'm sure they wish weren't on their stat sheet 1. Weakness in the Red Zone, 2. Interceptions, 3. Penalties. The coaches and Smith all sort of made excuses for Smiths abysmal performance by saying his timing wasn't down with Crabtree and Davis. If the quarterback and the coaches don't feel the timing is down then why are they playing them when they should have let the players that played in the preseason and showed up for practice everyday play until the timing develops . Smith just keeps on proving that he is not an NFL Caliber QB yet, and it is hard to imagine he ever will. My main question was why the coach didn't replace the QB after the 3rd quarter?

September 12, 2010  08:53 PM ET

I agree. The 49ers dissapointed me terribly. I thought for sure this was the year we'd make the playoffs, and in all fairness, it still could be, its only week 1. But if we see anything less than a monster improvement, we're headed for another 8-8 season at best.

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April 20, 2011  04:06 PM ET

This was a warning from a thread intended for Singletary last season, but it now applies to you Jim Harbaugh. This year we will start our season at home in San Francisco. The opening game loss last year proved to be the monumental end of the 49ers playoff hopes. Seattle made the playoffs and the 49ers didn't, it was also the Seahawks in the 2009 that ended up ruining our playoff hopes later in the season and allowed St. Louis to sneak in. In the last 4 years Seattle leads the series 5-3.

San Francisco for you to win your division you will have to win your first game. If you win your first 2 home games, even better, and there is no reason why you shouldn't be 4-2 or 5-1 at your BYE WEEK.

For the last 2 seasons the 49ers have been deplorable on the road. It is always hard to win on the road and one of the things a good head coach does is get his team motivated for road games.

After looking at the schedules of all the NFC West teams there is a very good possibility that the 49ers will lead the West by mid season, they only have 1 divisional game for the 1st half of the season and that is their 1st game, and have 5 divisional games in there final 8 games. Their first 3 divisional games are all at home so winning your home field divisional games will also help strengthen your lead. It may come down to winning one of your final 2 games that clinches the division for you.

To win your division you will have to at least have a 4-2 divisional record ( one thing the 49ers have excelled at has been winning in their division and haven't had a losing divisional record in the last 4 years. One troubling statistic is that St.Louis which has only had 4 divisional wins in the last 4 years has received 2 of those wins against the 49ers. You have 3 road games that are out of your division that you must win, they are the Bengals, Lions, and Redskins, those 3 road games plus 4 wins at home against Seattle, Cincinnati, Tampa Bay and Cleveland will put you up by 2 games in the West. It would be nice to beat your brother John on Thanksgiving but thats a long ways away. Till then you must know that a quick start will determine your playoff chances. I don't know if Arizona can be taken seriously but they do have the easiest schedule in the NFL .


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