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September 5, 2010, 10:24 AM
Among the surprising cuts (for me at least), Brandon McDonald, Chris Jennings, Scott Kooistra, and Syndric Steptoe.

CB McDonald comes to me as a surprise as I saw him being able to help in dime packages, and him being a contributor on the browns the past 3 seasons.

With Hardesty being put in IR it opened up an extra spot on the roster for the Brownies, and I truly thought Jennings therefore (another RB) would make the cut due to the recent injury to Monterio's ACL, which will cause him to miss the entirety of the season.

Syndric Steptoe was a shock to me not because I think he had the talent at wideout to make the final cut there, but mainly the amount of reps he saw as the teams kick and punt returner in the preseason. I shouldof liked to have seen a wider variety of people get some shots at returning if Steptoe was to end up being cut anyways (maybe they wouldof realized he wasnt gonna be the next Cribbs before final cuts).

Notably, WR Carlton Mitchell seems to have proved himself worthy of a roster spot over the aging Bobby Engram.

So we are left with the Browns final 53 man roster as we enter a difficult schedule here in 2010. Not much can be said for the men who did not make the cut (except maybe what is posted on this thread), but for the final 53 we wish the best of luck. GO BROWNS!
September 5, 2010  11:50 AM ET

James Davis is gunna have a good year behind Harrison.

September 5, 2010  02:15 PM ET

Hopefully they will be able to sign Chris Jennings and Larry Asante to the practice squad. I think they needed to release Brett Ratliff just because carrying 4 QB's is just to many.

I am glad to see they finally released Brandon McDonald. He is decent in coverage but he tackles like a school girl. In the '08 season in particular, he would stand around looking for pockets to put his hands in, rather than join in the effort to bring someone down. Since then, he has put forth some effort in an attempt to gain back some playing time. I guess the coaches have had their fill.

September 5, 2010  02:17 PM ET

James Davis is gunna have a good year behind Harrison.

You forget Peyton Hillis. He will be lucky to get any playing time if Hillis and Harrison remain healthy.

September 5, 2010  04:19 PM ET

You forget Peyton Hillis. He will be lucky to get any playing time if Hillis and Harrison remain healthy.

No i'm not forgetting Hillis. Davis will get plenty of time at RB. Hillis is a tweener FB/RB and has played well in the pre-season but so has Davis and besides Davis is listed as the number 2 back on the Browns website and

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September 7, 2010  11:35 AM ET

Brandon McDonald getting cut and the Browns hanging onto Carlton Mitchell surprised me. For Mitchell, I guess the Browns couldn't justify cutting another 2010 draft pick? Hopefully the WRs we have stay healthy so he isn't pressed in to action before he's ready--which it seems that he isn't. I'm glad for the most part that McDonald is gone. The guy thought that he was Primetime, but VERY far from it.

Asante did sign onto the practice squad--not sure about Jennings.

September 7, 2010  10:17 PM ET

It would not surprise me, nor would it be a bad idea with the thinking of being a running team, to field a 'full house' backfield with two tight ends. It was used for years before the NFL became a pass happy league. The Browns have enough running backs and tight ends to make it work.

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September 8, 2010  10:04 PM ET

When you have only two legitimate NFL players on your team (Cribbs and Joe Thomas) how do you do the final cuts? Does the coaching staff draw names out of the hat? Perhaps a game like pin the tail on the donkey would work?Since each and every player on your team outside of the two I mentioned would be hard pressed to even play let alone start for any other team in the division you can see the quandry. How do you pick the players to cut when they all suck!!!!!!!!!!Enjoy yet another year of looking up at the Raves (AKA the real Browns) in the standings. perhaps if you apologize for the way you treated Mr.Modell we will let you kiss our Super Bowl ring!

Isn't there a minimum age for admission to this site? There should be. O, and weren't you a Steelers fan last year?

September 10, 2010  09:04 AM ET

O, and weren't you a Steelers fan last year?

I think it was 2 years ago...then all the Pitt fans turned against the Ravens fans will shortly do...come to think of it, I don't really recall too many Ravens fans on this site....might take longer than I thought.

September 10, 2010  09:08 AM ET

Super Bowl ring

You still waiting for yours to arrive in the mail? Dont worry that guy you sucked off in the alley wouldnt break a promise to you...I'm sure he was with the team and really will mail you that ring for your services.

November 9, 2010  07:57 PM ET

I remember that character from the past. Didn't he change his name week to week?


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