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September 7, 2010, 11:51 AM
The Axe Murderer

One of the prime examples of what is the MMA that peope like.

fearsome & feared, Wandy have seen better days. But oh boy! what days were they!!!

He is one of my all times favorite!

I don't think anyone will be in disagreement with me about his dominance and the fact he is for many, the realk face of MMA.

but that was in his pride days.

What intrigues me, is what people think of him now that he went down a weightclass. Will he ever be relevant again? is he a top 10? top 5??? Will he ever be?

Sound off, FN!@!!
September 7, 2010  02:49 PM ET

no comments on wandi???
it's the plastic surgery, isn't it??? :)

September 7, 2010  04:51 PM ET

I don't see Wanderlei getting back into a title picture. At least not in the UFC.

But he's obviously a legend, easily top 10 P4P all-time.

And this is being said by someone who was rooting for Sakuraba against him, all three times :)

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September 8, 2010  11:30 AM ET

no love for wandi?????????

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September 8, 2010  11:49 AM ET

Like Diablo said, people who didn't watch MMA when Pride was around probably know little about Wanderlei.

September 8, 2010  12:12 PM ET

The boards have been especially dead lately.

As to the topic, Wanderlei is easily top 10 in the UFC right now. I think he is number five at 185 now. Almost everyone has Bisping in the top 5, and Wand definitely beat him very recently.

He has a realistic shot at beating Sonnen, Okami, and Vitor. If one of those guys gets the win over Anderson, I think Wanderlei has a real legitimate shot at the title. He does not have a very good shot at Anderson though. I do believe it is more competitive than most do, but I don't think he wins more than two or three of ten against him.

September 8, 2010  01:40 PM ET

Maybe a lot of folks aren't that familiar with him outside of the UFC? Or maybe they just don't have an opinion either way??

there goes my plans to add Royce or Saku amongst many others into my list

September 8, 2010  02:17 PM ET

there goes my plans to add Royce or Saku amongst many others into my list

Seeing what people think about guys like Sakuraba or Inoue separates the wheat from the chaff.

Please don't not use them because people don't know who they are.

Plus, the boards have been extremely dead and I think that is the big cause of this not getting a ton of attention.

September 8, 2010  02:26 PM ET

Wandy was pure evil in the Ring. in his prime I thought he could be the one to cause the first death in Real MMA

September 8, 2010  02:38 PM ET

The Axe Murderer got me into MMA. Watching him go absolutely psycho on his opponent with stomps, soccer kicks, and those vicious knees was the best thing I've seen in MMA. I agree with Clouis, if the Spider is knocked off then Wandy does have a legitimate chance at holding the crown in his new weight class. Will he ever reach the same level that he was at in PRIDE? I doubt it. But he's still a contender.

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September 8, 2010  05:35 PM ET

September 8, 2010  05:36 PM ET

Both of those Cro Cop fights were spectacular. The stare down before the first fight is epic. If I were a little more FN savvy, I'd post it here. Maybe someone else can pull that off...

September 8, 2010  05:38 PM ET

The word that pops up in my head when I mention Wandy is......... VISCOUS

The man was an absoloute beast in Pride. His Muy Thai clinch and knees were devastating. Just ask Rampage!!!!

September 8, 2010  05:38 PM ET

If you guys want to see Wanderlei's most gruesome fights then look no further than his IVC fights in Brazil.

September 8, 2010  05:38 PM ET

The word that pops up in my head when I mention Wandy is......... VISCOUS

You mean VICIOUS? :D

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