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September 7, 2010, 08:18 PM
I see this as an even match up because its a home game for the Jets. But I still like the Ravens to win the game. I think Flacco is gonna have a huge year in general. Who do you guys have winning this game?
September 7, 2010  09:16 PM ET

I think the Jets will win...I'm trying to not jump on any bandwagon, but they should (on paper) be better than the Ravens.

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September 8, 2010  12:09 PM ET

I see the Ravens winning a low scoring game, 16-13. Touchdowns are at a premium in this one. The Jets are superior on D, but not on O. Ravens have weapons galore on O, and some questions on D. Ray Rice, Flacco, and the receivers, including TE, and the kicker, carry the day for Baltimore, as Sanchez can't get it done at home and the boo birds come out after his second pick and a botched snap.

Hey Ripper, pass me the crystal ball. I want to see how much the Browns are going to win by this Sunday.

September 8, 2010  12:34 PM ET

Ravens--Sanchez will feel the pressure, Ripper has a good example of how the wheels can come off this bus.

September 8, 2010  12:35 PM ET

I'm going with the Ravens, their offense is a little more well rounded and simply have more firepower, the Jets defense seems a little better but the Ravens are a more complete team this early in the season, should be a good game to watch none the less.

September 8, 2010  02:23 PM ET

Ravens, another year of Flaco and Rice development will be huge. Both are fast becoming two of the better players at their position. Add to that a solid wideout in Boldin and an ok #2 in "Housh" and their offense should do well. The same can't be said for NY though, Sanchize hasn't shown any development and still looks like someone who could throw more INTs than TDs. I also think the Jets will miss Thomas Jones, as the verdict is still out on Greene and I'm not sure how much LT has in the tank.

The defenses both are great, but the Ravens are missing Reed and the Jets won't have a starting LB in Pace. In the end though.. The Ravens will get more stops against a weaker offense than the Jets will.

Ravens: 17
Jets: 9

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