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September 11, 2010, 03:29 PM
This would be the most depressing thing ever. 2011 will be a dark year for me. At least I'll still have hockey!
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September 11, 2010  04:53 PM ET

Sports Illustrated had a great article on the last page about how UFL players make $50,000 a year and are there for the love of the game and an opportunity to prove themselves to an NFL franchise. There was also an article on the glory days of the AFL before big money deals, the merger, and when tickets were only about $9. Money has kind of hurt football because players hold out when they already make a couple million and the league is more worried about endorsements instead of the players health. I agree with the players though, 18 game season's will cut the time the spend in the league and even take a few years off of their lives.

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September 11, 2010  07:09 PM ET

Today is a Bummer,9/11,I'm not a great lover of The Islamic Religeon,[Blow yer own fknselves up.beeeotchs!!!],This is what happens when ya can't have Women and booze in the same room!!!And I can't feel that sorry for any Sports heros,as Our "REAL HERO"S"Are getting killed everyday in some ashithole Countries,that Our brave Men and Women are being exposed too everyfknday.....Think a "Lockout's depressing? Just put things in perspective as opposed too that.....

So true Eazy. It isn't hard to get wrapped up in the frivolous things and forget about the reality of the people putting their lives on the line for us to have those frivolous things. God bless our troops!

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September 11, 2010  07:39 PM ET

Rocker,They"Play"Life & Death"everyday 24/7-365 there,They barely can support thier Families back home,and death is tugging on thier shirts everyday,Football Player makes Minimum 500,000 bucks?That's more than these Warriors make in over 10 Years!!![for the average enlisted]..,I know it's off Topic,but it has too be said.especially for those coming home in a body bag or fubared.Sorry Rocker,I ain't addressing this too You nor no one else,I just remember the date today.

So true... I got back last summer after a year in Iraq after being called back into the military after 3 years...anyways after I was able to pay off my debt and what my family spent as livin expensives I came home with $6,000 in the bank... not alot after spending everyday outside in wire in the Diyala province. I get sick at both the players and the owners...look if the owners are making mad money they should give the players a bump... but the players really need to back off their crap...your already making more within a week than I made in a year at war...there is something very very wrong with that.

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September 12, 2010  11:33 AM ET

SALUTE!! and WELCOME HOME too the Big PX!!!,I'll just call ya Break.cuz of the Moniker,We're from different eras,but the Bloods the same.And War never changes.Glad ya made it back with all appendages,Yer right about The pay for Our Military,very pisspoor example of "Gratitude"fer yer troubles.What's yer favorite Team?

Oh yeah whats your era? Anyways I've always been a die hard Patriots fan and Notre Dame fan... more recently (last 10 years) as I've gotten into watching baseball more I've taken up with the Red Sox... I know, I know too easy but I have a few reasons, as well as it seemed natural being a Pats fan since before I can remember... I do know it started because of Patriot Pat, you know a 5 year old saying look old timey-soldier, I like them.

September 12, 2010  06:19 PM ET

But the owners should have to show their books

my bad, this was suppose to be SHOULD NOT

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September 12, 2010  07:21 PM ET

Vietnam era,And Kudos on the Pats handing the Bengal's Thier hasses too Them today!!!

Haha I love it when the Bengal's lose because they are a legit threat to Pittsburgh this year.

September 12, 2010  07:21 PM ET

Haha I love it when the Bengal's lose because they are a legit threat to Pittsburgh this year.

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September 12, 2010  11:53 PM ET

Oh yeah I'm lovin this weekend .. JMU and then the Pats woohoo... salute to you eazy.. you namers had it worse than us.. only dammit about the golden domers..can't win 'em all... just ask Obama aboutcalling it quits early.


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