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September 14, 2010, 11:48 PM
Forget all those biased ratings systems. There's only one way to rank a team that by what they do on the field. That stats. Look at anything else and it's like trying to determine if Calvin Johnson had possession. After 1 week of play here are the real rankings according to the average of each team's statistical rankings in offense and defense. Be ready for some shocks. Yes stats sometimes lie but nowhere near as often as sports writers.

1. Seattle - Average Ranking 3 That's right current kings of the NFL after just one game, the Seahawks. Their merciless beatdown of the 49ers gave them gaudy stats.

2. Titans - Average Ranking 6. Not really a surprise with a Jeff Fischer D and the most explosive player in the NFL on the other side.

3. Miami, Steelers, Chiefs, Bears - Average Ranking 11.5 Surprised? Admittedly none of these guys dominated the scoreboard but they got it done in a big way on both sides of the ball. Do not go to sleep.

7. Cardinals, Giants - Average Ranking 12

9. Saints, Redskins, Pats - Average Ranking 13

12. Bucs - Average Ranking 13.5

13. Packers - Average Ranking 14

14. Texans - Average Ranking 14.5

15. Ravens - Average Ranking 15 A lot of people have them in the Super Bowl. Well they'll have to pick up their game if they're going to make that happen. Incredibly the Steelers moved the ball better minus Big Ben and nearly did as well as Baltimore on defense.

16. Jets, Browns - Average Ranking 18 That's right, the same Cleveland team that ESPN has ranked last is in a statistical dead heat with the Jets at this moment a team they still have ranked in the top 5.

18. Jaguars - Average Ranking 18.5 The only winner ranked this low. That's because right below them are

19. Bengals, Colts, Broncos, Eagles - Average Ranking 19 Couple of teams with playoff aspirations and the defending AFC champ really slumming it here. If this isn't a wake up call I don't know what is.

23. Cowboys - Average Ranking 20 I kept hearing that Romo passed the ball well and they had some good runs. Maybe that was during practice before the game because it sure didn't show up in the stats. In fact they were just a tick higher than

24. Bills, Panthers - Average Ranking 20.5

26. Lions - Average Ranking 21 Disappointing start for a team a lot of people saw having a big turnaround

27. Chargers, Rams - Average Ranking 21.5 If Philip Rivers hears he's in a dead heat with Sam Bradford he might throw another hissy fit

29. Falcons, Vikes - Average Ranking 22 Both teams looking to make noise this season and the noise they made was a resounding thud.

31 Raiders - Average Ranking 27.5 What else is new

32 49ers - Average Ranking 30 I am shocked. I had this team picked to win the NFC West and they open with hands down the worst opening week performance. This is a case where stats truly do not lie.
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September 15, 2010  09:43 AM ET
QUOTE: patriots ???

Pats are in a three way tie at number 9. They ruled offensively but were in the mid 20's on defense.

September 15, 2010  10:18 AM ET

Finally. A ranking that didn't have the Rams dead last. Thank you. Thank you very much.

True although they're not in a nice neighborhood right now

September 15, 2010  11:00 AM ET

Made a teensy mistake. I was averaging in the scoring rankings. Things get a little crazy when you average out the YARDS in offense and defense. Below is a breakdown of each team, averages in yards ranking/averages in scoring ranking

Bills 23/20.5
Miamia 10/11.5
Jets 20/18
Patriots 18.5/13
Bengals 14/19
Browns 12.5/18
Ravens 13/15
Steelers 12/11.5
Colts 12/19
Jaguars 20.5/18.5
Texans 20.5/14.5
Titans 11.5/6
Broncos 12/19
Chargers 4/21.5
Chiefs 29/11.5
Raiders 21.5/27.5
Cowboys 6/20
Eagles 15/19
Giants 6/12
Redskins 27/13
Bears 1.5/11.5
Lions 31/21
Packers 17.5/14
Vikings 21/22
Bucs 20.5/13.5
Falcons 21/22
Panthers 26.5/20.5
Saints 12/13
49ers 15/30
Cardinals 12.5/12
Rams 20.5/21.5
Seahawks 18/3

As you can see the story is more varied. Plenty of teams moved the ball better than they scored like the Bengals, Browns and especially Cowboys and Chargers. Other teams like the Chiefs and Redskins had huge discrepancies between their yards and points. Those fans shouldn't get too excited. Others like the Jets and Raiders the scores were close so panic might be a good response. Biggest surprise, the Bears dominated the yards averages on offense and defense and were pretty high in scoring as well. Bears as a surprise team to win the North? We'll see

September 15, 2010  01:04 PM ET

Nice thread even though I'm a Cowboys fan. LOL! It's good to see someone actually look at EVERYTHING when doing a Power Ranking. :)

Next week I'll break it down further. Your Pokes have sky high potential. They were number 5 in offensive yards but only 31st in points scored. If they keep generating the yards they'll get those points.

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September 15, 2010  02:41 PM ET

The Bears would need three things to happen, to win the Division.1. Great play from the offensive line2. No injuries3. Better ball managementYou could say that for every team in NFL...but that is the road map for the Bears...

We'll know more in a few weeks. Still ask any team how they'd want to start, I'm sure they'd take number one in offense and number two in defense.

September 18, 2010  12:18 PM ET

The Real Power Rankings Predictions

Cleveland over Kansas City - The Browns were near the top 10 in yards on off and def. The Chiefs were 29 in both categories at home. Mistakes and fluke plays accounted for the scores. You can't rely on that.

Green Bay over Bills - Pack underperformed in yards but Bills way down

Bengals over Ravens - Both teams nearly tied in Real Power Rankings, give it to the home team

Titans over Steelers- Another close one with two teams right next to each other. Titans get the when but Steelers beat the spread.

Eagles over Lions - Not even close. Detroit was bottom of the barrel last week despite last minute heroics. The whole idea behind Real Power Rankings is that points eventually catches up with yards and the Detroit yardage totals were pretty horrific

Bears over Cowboys - Going for the upset here. The Cowboys are going to do big things this season but the Bears come in with the #1 off and #2 def. They may not leave that way but the Pokes look like they need another week to work out all their kinks.

Bucs over Panthers - Going by the stats the Bucs weren't that good despite the win but they were they as well be the 02 Bucs against Carolina who really stank

Cardinals over Atlanta - Couldn't believe how pathetic the Falcons were on the stat sheet on both sides of the football. Maybe they get their off on track but when your D can't stop Dennis Dixon you have problems

Dolphins over Vikings - Going for another upset. The Dolphins moved the ball well and played great D. The Vikings were a dropped Robert Meacham pass and a Garrett Hartley miss away from a blowout loss to New Orleans.

Rams over Raiders - Close one but I'm going with Sam Bradford to get his first win. Rams were actually good on offense where the Raiders were the same old Oakland

Broncos over the Seahawks - Seattle was the biggest week one scoreboard illusion. Somehow they got 30 plus points out of the number 27 off. Broncos were good across the board in a tough loss.

Texans over Redskins - Even the Washington faithful know they were lucky to get that W. Texans aren't as good as their beatdown of Indy suggests but they have enough for the Redskins

Chargers over Jaguars - Like the Cowboys the Bolts have a ton of potential that went untapped in the opener. Unlike the Pokes they have a statistical tomato can coming to town instead of potential contender

Patriots over Jets - Two teams who are very even in the Real Power Rankings, but from what I saw of the Jet's secondary that's probably not going to last. Despite only giving up 10 points, the mighty Jets ranked 10th in yards surrendered.

Giants over Colts - Colts have great potential to bounce back but they are facing a real stats monster in NY Giants.

Saints over 49ers - Mike S is either going to rally the troops or provoke a full blown mutiny. Based on the way his offense played I'm banking on the latter.

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September 19, 2010  07:41 PM ET

Prediction results

Kansas City over Cleveland - Silly me I thought after last week the coaches would stress ball security or some nutty thing like that. Again enough to win but not enough to overcome their own mistakes

Green Bay over Buffalo - Got this one, but it wasn't rocket science

Bengals over Ravens - Nailed it. Ravens aren't living up to the hype.

Steelers over Titans - Wow. Pittsburgh D is something. But they're running out of QB's

Eagles over Lions - Lot closer than I would have imagined. Detroit came back from the dead

Bears over Cowboys - Called it! Dallas still shouldn't panic, but they're going to anyway

Bucs over Panthers - Looks like Carolina's offense is still hibernating

Falcons over Cardinals - Admittedly blew this one. Gives you an idea of how awesome the Pittsburgh D really is though

Dolphins over Vikings - Called this one too. Miami proves it's somebody to contend with.

Raiders over Rams - Was close going in. Oakland reversed its fortunes by switching QBs

Broncos over Seahawks - Predicted Seattle would get exposed and did they ever

Chargers over Jaguars - Played out exactly as predicted

Jets over Pats - Who would have thought the Jets offense would be what carried them to a win?

Texans over Redskins - It was a lot harder than I guessed. Washington's offense rose up like the Jets did and made this much closer.

Wait to see what happens with Giants/Colts and Saints/49ers but I'm 9 for 12 which is good.

September 19, 2010  08:05 PM ET

Make than 9 out of 14

September 20, 2010  05:42 AM ET

Funny. What a duifference a week makes. Seattle #1, Titans #2, Cardinals #7 ? They all looked TERRIBLE week two. 19. Bengals, Colts, Broncos ? Chargers #27, #29 Falcons? After week two what would they be ?

September 20, 2010  01:20 PM ET

Funny. What a duifference a week makes. Seattle #1, Titans #2, Cardinals #7 ? They all looked TERRIBLE week two. 19. Bengals, Colts, Broncos ? Chargers #27, #29 Falcons? After week two what would they be ?

That's the thing about the beginning of the year, lots of up and down. But stats eventually even out during the course of the year.


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