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September 16, 2010, 07:12 AM
This site is infected with a thing that as soon as you log on it wants a survey and it keeps this demand in your computer untill you log off. This is exactly what is wrong with America/ the world today. No respect of others. Someone sees a way to accomplish something for themselves and they don't care how many people it upsets they just do their thing. May you burn in Hell for your lack of respect of others. There again you probably don't believe in hell and so what to what I think right? All I have to say is to you and all nonbelievers in this world "Your time is coming!!!" I won't laugh at you I will pity you which hurts even more now doesn't it?
September 16, 2010  07:22 AM ET

It is from Opinion Mart and needs to be destroyed. As soon as you log onto the Bears section it demands that you take a survey. Destroy this or be boycotted Sports Illustrated!!!

September 16, 2010  10:43 AM ET

I haven't had this problem yet

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September 16, 2010  07:20 PM ET

I love what Netflix offers, but damn they do some real gorilla style internet advertising

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September 16, 2010  07:37 PM ET

Turn Flash off, don't know how? google it.

Every website has bills to pay, I'd rather deal with this stuff than open my wallet and pay them.

The best free deal on the web is, you get 25 gigs cloud storage for free, email address for free and you can forward your current address to you new one or use a hotmail address, numerous Office apps like Word and Excel free. WHY buy flash drives and other backup methods when you can store everything in the clouds for free.
25 gigs not enough, open more accounts.
Yes there are ads but they do give you the option of paying $19 a year, I'll put up with the ads.

September 17, 2010  09:24 AM ET

Looks like they (SI) got the problem fixed.

September 18, 2010  03:13 PM ET

Curiouser and Curiouser. Why does this effect so many people so many different ways? I'm not a computer wizard so any advice will be appreciated.

September 19, 2010  05:37 PM ET

Now I had it do it again on me?? What's up SI can't you run a site with out this crap? If this keeps up you will lose all of your patrons. I never claimed to be nice just effective and sometimes blunt.

September 19, 2010  11:24 PM ET

CHILL, MAN. Your talk about hell is way over the top!

October 3, 2010  02:28 PM ET

I don't get this on my computer at all. I use firefox and have popups turned off, so maybe its different then yours?


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