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September 18, 2010, 11:12 PM
Well Sunday is upon us again, and another game, This week my Steelers play the Tennessee Titans, I have been hearing again in the media that we do not stand a chance against the Titans, well that is what they said last week as well and we know how that turned out for them.

Tho, the Titans are a good run team and Chris Johnson is a beast, does that have me worried, NO, He may have a 12 game 100 yrd streak going but , in the past 6 years there have only been 5 RB go for over 100 yrds against our D, and none of them are named CJ2K. So I think that nice little streak he has going will come to an abrupt end. Yes we will be missing a key piece on our front 3, With Big Snack being out for the game, but I think Big Nick Eason filled in quite nicely last week and Ziggy Hood is the heir apparent to the Snacks throne. So I am not concerned at all, I mean Snack went down early last week and Turner stilll wasnt a factor. I think they take Johnson out of the mix early , and then that puts the game in Vince Youngs hands ,. well the media thinks because he did so well last week it will be the same this week , well they played the Raiders last week and we are not the Raiders. No disrespect to any Raiders fans because I actually took the Raiders to beat Tennessee last week, but they do not have that one factor we have and that is Troy P.

Now that gets me to our offense, we will have to step it up this week on Offense we cannot beat the Titans with 15 points , I think Mendy has anther stout performance , but Dixon will have to put the Jitters from last week behind him, he has a win under his belt now , and has become a man in the NFL it is time he acts like it and goes out there and performs the way we know he can. Our O-line will be missing Max Starks , so I am thinking that Johnathon Scott will be there this week, he came in after Max went down last week, but whoever it is , they are going to have to hold thier blocks and keep Dixon upright , or make him a hole to run through.

The key to this game will much of the same from last week , it is going to have to be a team effort , not the D carrying the O, or the O carrying the D, they played as a team last week and I look for much of the same this week. Even tho all the so called experts have us losing tommorow and we very well may, I think we will have a better showing than they think and I for one will enjoy it again , if they do walk away with the win and listen to the so called experts eat some more crow. I have my fingers crossed and am hopeful

Oh and I left out only a few more weeks and we get the Big Guy back, so we need this one to keep us in the game. (you really didnt think I would leave out my man did you hehe)
September 19, 2010  10:08 AM ET

Theory, maybe I'm way off base, but I don't see the Steelers giving up more than ten points today. Containing Johnson will be the key. If they can put the game in VY's hands, this will be a cake walk.

Jack, then we both must think alike, I have the same feeling. LOL I dont look for CJ to run wild on us, a couple good hits from stout defenses and he is usually on the sideline. Like I pointed out Vy may have threw a good game last sunday but they wasnt playing us. If they take Cj out of the equation then WE got this. LOL

September 19, 2010  10:11 AM ET

jack,bb7, good luck with your steelers today !,........pray for my pats {+} !

Good Luck to your Pats,, They got this, IN BILL WE TRUST!!!! LOL and beside Moss being a Marshall grad I would love to see him burn Revis I am so over the Jets hype. They are so overrated. Yes they have a good defense. but they have a lousy offense. At least with the Steelers, when our D carries us our O can score more than field goals at times.

September 19, 2010  10:14 AM ET

Dawn I will be watching the Manning Bowl, I look forward to that one I think that one will be a good one, LOL good luck to your Colts

September 19, 2010  10:15 AM ET

nighy night again! cya's before game time! good luck every one! stay up for the manning bowl if you can! ha ha EJ you gotta be up at 6am to watch pre game! I guess ur used to getting up early! hope you had a good time last night! he he

Dawn I will be watching the Manning Bowl, I look forward to that one I think that one will be a good one, LOL

September 19, 2010  08:39 PM ET

OK, looks like I'm the 1st post here after the game.....What can I say? the Defense rose up and SMOTHERED 2BIT-CJ ( is that the right acronym? ) and made VY look like the high pick mistake he really is! I AM a bit concerned about DD's knee, but the 'Stillers have already reached my "worst case scenario" of 2 wins during BR's suspension. Hopefully, Leftwich comes back in a week and Dixon's knee is just tweaked. I am heartily encouraged by the performance of the B&G wrecking crew known as the Steelers defense. 7 turnovers today! IS THAT CRAZY? Just look at what Tenn/Atl did in their NON-STEELERS games ( +30pts scored )...

I'm thinking that TB next week is another game in the "W" column.....then comes Balt @ home. If the Steelers are 3-0 coming into that game, it should be nationally televised. By the time BR comes back in week 6, the few injured players we have should be back or very close to being back and ready to play. Karma is on a roll in SteelTown; it's early, but don't you feel that something BIG is starting to stir in Pittsburgh?

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September 20, 2010  08:18 AM ET

7 first downs....127 yards total offense.......

I'm looking forward to week 6 when the Steelers have an offense to go with their great defense.

September 20, 2010  08:56 AM ET

love when steelers win "ugly"....on to tampa

Go STeelers!!!!!!!!!!

September 20, 2010  09:40 AM ET

Good win for the Steelers and their fans, congrats BBT, Jack ,BGII, Rocker and all fans. Couldn't ask for a better start to the season, that defense is playing lights out.

September 20, 2010  10:15 AM ET

lol,.....Ben-who !?

HA ha We still need Ben,

September 20, 2010  10:19 AM ET

7 first downs....127 yards total offense.......I'm looking forward to week 6 when the Steelers have an offense to go with their great defense.

I agree Matt, Our defense is playing like a house on fire, and our offense is really I hate to say it sucking right now. I think when Ben gets back , it will be a different offense, I really do ,

But what I am really seeing, is our defense is like a kid back in a corner, they get pushed so far they come out swinging and come out swinging is what they did yesterday, 6 turnovers by the D, and Harrison had 3 sacks. Woodley and Troy and Bmac with INTS. They are letting the rest of the NFL know , since the media has made an issue of our D being old that hey we may be older but we still got it. They keep playing like that when Ben gets back and I think we will be a force to be reckoned with. I think 3-1 and I am not counting out 4-0 now not with that D.

September 20, 2010  10:21 AM ET

Good win for the Steelers and their fans, congrats BBT, Jack ,BGII, Rocker and all fans. Couldn't ask for a better start to the season, that defense is playing lights out.

Congrats to you GSH , I am sure you was happy yesterday as well, Cutler had a great game.

Congrats to Dawn, Eazy , BG, and Jimmy, your chiefs are 2-0 ...Sorry Boston , I really thought they would win that one.

September 20, 2010  11:27 AM ET

Great win Steelers but holy cow how many QBs is this team going to go through?

Absolutely insane performance by the defense and special teams.

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September 21, 2010  11:10 PM ET

I'm impressed. I knew the D was stout, but the offense held its own in the first game, too. Dixon, Ward and Mendenhall in Game 1 and, well, the D, ST, and FG kicker in Game 2. Talk about a nice gift....Big Ben comes back for Week 5 and Troy and the team hand him a big silver platter with 4 fat Ws on it? Ok, that's getting ahead of myself, but you gotta be thinking that with Baltimore struggling on O. Watching Atlanta destroy Arizona says something about the D, too. I was thinking 2-2 would be a good start for the Steelers this year but the team looks better than I thought so far. Great win!

Thanks Ripper and Congrats to you too, Your chargers bounced back...

I think we will be fine now, I was thinking 2-2 but right now the skys the limit. We are hurting at QB right now....but I think we can survive the next 2...

September 22, 2010  09:02 AM ET

*Pushing giant Acme boulder in front of Steeler momentum*

September 22, 2010  08:54 PM ET

*Pushing giant Acme boulder in front of Steeler momentum*

LOL, sorry, won't help......Harrison will just pick that thing up and hurl it at whatever is in the way....


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