September 19, 2010, 07:56 PM
My thoughts from the game

-First off Champ has still got it, not that we ever doubted that fact
-Jarvis Moss got his first sack since 2008... he and Ayers are both playing with a new fire
-Our first look at the "other first round pick" WR Thomas has us forgetting that other WR who was here... you know ummm... what was his name... doesn't matter anyway
-The D looked alright, it bended quite a bit, some turnovers made it look a little better than maybe it should have.
-Orton looks good, as do his targets... EVERY WR we have looks great
-Moreno showed flashes of why he was a first round pick, but the kid seems winded QUICKLY... Maroney will be helpful out there.
-Tebow isn't getting on the field in 2010... after watching goalline attempt after goalline attempt stuffed Tebow remained on the sidelines... if he wasn't getting in there, it isn't going to happen.

All in all a solid effort, hope we can step it up another level for next week!

your thoughts......
September 20, 2010  04:33 PM ET

-That defense in the first series really scared me, but dammit, thank god for Champ Bailey, because that play alone might have won us the game, along with Cassius Vaughn's fumble recovery. The bad news is Champ AND Goodman might be out with Peyton Fricken Manning and his weapons of mass destruction.
-Not to jynx anything, but that Cutler trade is looking better each and every week. Kye Orton is turning into a very solid QB who looks like he knows what he's doing every single play. I used to characterize him as a QB that doesn't lose games but doesn't win them, but if he keeps this up, he'll be one of the most valuable players on this team, if not already.
-I totally agree with you with Knowshon. He does seem to get gassed every play, weather it's the altitude or w/e, but he's running with a chip on his shoulder, that's for sure.
-We got 2 recent first round OLBs and it's about damn time they showed us why we got them. Moss, like you said got his sack, and Ayers hopefully can break out of his shell soon.
- The things that I was most impressed with: Champ and BDawks INTs, obviously. The 3rd down execution as the best I've ever seen in a Broncos game, it stunned me how good the play selection and ability to get it across the marker was. Buck didn't fumble it(he just dropped a pass). The WR's are freakin excelent, McD picked the perfect mix of guys and certainly knows how to use them, and Kyle 100 percent trusts his guys, especially Lloyd.
The things i didnt quite like: they outlawed stickum, so Buck cant use it. would have like to see Lance Ball to get a few carries at garbage time, but that's a good problem to have. Red zone offense is still pitiful, and what you said about Tebow, I 100 time 1 million percent agree with. I thought the only reason they would use him this year would be for redzone, since they suck every year, but they didn't. If we were as good in the redzone a we were on 3rd down, we'd be a hell of a lot harder to beat.
- Defense was shaky til Champ and BDawk bailed us out. Also, the whole team looked flat after halftime, which I think HAS TO be fixed cause it has and will bite us in the ****.
- Special teams gos along with that thought, if we cant cover kicks, a good team will beat us.

So overall it was an almost perfect game, and I was glad I could be able to actually watch them this week. In Orton I trust. And let's beat those damn Colts for once.


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