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September 20, 2010, 10:30 AM
The Good:

- Dallas is 4th in offense after 2 weeks.
- Dez is what we had hoped!
- Miles Austin is not a fluke.
- Doug Free has played better than Flozell and has had ZERO flags on the season.

The Bad:

- Penalties are killing us and obviously cost us the win in Week1
- Turnovers are killing us more...with the Choice fumble vs the Skins, then the 2 tipped passes that led to Bears scores plus the fumble by Williams.
- Playcalling by Garrett is creative but our run game stinks.

The ugly:

- 0-2 and now we have to play a hot Houston team.
- Field Goal kicking has not been fixed.
- Scoring is still an issue for this team vs the yards we are gaining.

Dallas is literally 2 plays away from 0-2...these 2 games should have been wins and now we get to face the Texans, the Titans, the Vikes and Gmen.

I truly believe we have the ability to win the next 4 games. The Texans pass D is terrible...the Titans are a 1 dimensional team, the Vikes have their own issues and the Giants D still stinks.

But, as a realist...Dallas needs to fix our own issues.

It seems as though we have way too many drives ending around the 40 of the other team.

We can all point to so many different things that are going wrong, but in the end, we are 0-2 and we have only ourselves to blame.

I hope it turns around, but if it doesnt, EXPECT heads to roll....namely those of Wade and Garrett...

And candidly, I hope so...

We need a new coach such as Bill Cowher to come in here and smack some people around....DISCIPLINE is the key....
September 20, 2010  11:05 AM ET

Unfortunately, you left out what is at the root of these issues. Coaching. No matter how many good players the Cowboys have, they have not put consistent drives + scoring together. This issue isn't about execution, but about play selection. During Garrett's tenure, scoring has been lacking. Even with the high percentages and yardage, their success inside the red zone is poor. Time to trade in Jason Garrett and Wade Phillips.

September 20, 2010  11:25 AM ET

No 0-2 team is better poised to make the playoffs than Dallas. They're still the most talented team in their division. They're not looking way up at the Pack and the Bears the way Minnesota is.

That said winning the division and making the playoffs might be a bad thing for this team because yeah the coaching stinks and they badly need a change at the top.

September 20, 2010  06:31 PM ET

Also good:

Every team in the division is 1-1....

Dallas at 0-2 is only 1 game back and plays 5 more division games...


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