September 20, 2010, 11:00 PM
The Packers will beat the Bears into submission on Monday Night Football.
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September 21, 2010  11:56 AM ET

This game will be the first real test of the season for the Bears. The Lions are an up and coming team but not what you would consider a good team. The Cowboys have the appearance of being an over rated team, which suggests the win in Dallas may have had more to do with how badly the Cowboys are playing than it does with how well the Bears are playing. I dont think you can suggest any of the above for this game...this game brings a very good team in the Packers who are playing well. If the Bears win this game and Cutler steps up and is one of the reasons they win rather than winning in spite of his efforts or lose because of him...the Bears might just be a playoff caliber team. If the Bears want to make the playoffs this season, I think this is a must win game...they have to beat the Pack in Chicago.

September 21, 2010  01:00 PM ET

The Packers are the real deal, the Bears are frauds!!!

Based on what? Their preseason excellence? In their game against the Eagles, the were nearly beaten by Michael Vick. Had he played the whole game.. that may well have been a loss. The Pack then followed this up by beating.. the Buffalo Bills, a team that could lose to CFL opponents..

The Bears have beaten the Lions, who will still a punching bag.. are improved on their D Line and offense. Following this the Bears beat the SB picked Cowboys.. in Dallas. I fail to see how either can be viewed as the "real deal" or a "fraud" at this point.

If anything it should be a great monday night game, I suspect the team with the fewer turnovers wins. With the way Cutler has protected the ball recently and Rodgers great awareness, I think it will come down to fumbles. On this I take the Bears and fumble machine Tillman.

Wouldn't be surprised if this game is decided by a field goal to a touchdown max, either way.

September 21, 2010  01:26 PM ET

Wouldn't be surprised if this game is decided by a field goal to a touchdown max, either way.

I agree...this game has OT written all over it with something like an 20-17 or 24-21 outcome. However, if Cutler avoids making the mental mistakes he was prone to last season and simply protects the ball like he has this last two weeks, I think the Bears might just blow them out...35-10. If the Bears can step up and play lights out inspired football (should be easy to do at home with the hated Packers), Cutler has that on-fire capability that can be fun to watch. I dont think the Pack can come into Chicago and run away with the game. So there you have it...tight ball game tipping to either side depending on fewest turnovers or a Bears laugher.

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September 21, 2010  02:36 PM ET

This statement is true, The Packers have a 'Proven' offense, with weapons Rodgers, Finley, Driver, Jennings, Jones, The Bears are in a first year offensive system still unproven with the players they have, they will be exposed as frauds this Monday night, This will NOT be a close game, 27 to 13 Packers.

Just to play devil's advocate....didn't the Packers have a new defensive coordinator last year changing them from a 4-3 to a 3-4? There defense was stout all year, so why can't the Bears offense continue to improve?

September 21, 2010  02:42 PM ET

Skippy? Okay fatso, bring it on!

Really? How old are you, ten?

September 21, 2010  02:53 PM ET

You like Sparky better?

Unleash the hounds!

September 21, 2010  03:42 PM ET

The Packers looked average against another average team in Philly. Not sure how anyone could sit there and say, they have a proven offense, when their run game just went down for the season and Rodgers looked below average.

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September 21, 2010  03:48 PM ET

The Bears don't have the talent the Packers do, they will struggle.


QB - GB, Rodgers is top 5 in the NFL easily but Cutler could make a push by seasons end
HB - CHI, Forte and Taylor are far better than a failed pick in Jackson
WR - GB, pretty obvious..
TE - CHI, Finley is good but the Bears have depth at TE
O-Line - GB, I like Baluga but the rest of GB's line are a bit long in the tooth..

D-Line - CHI, Debatable, but edge to GB if Peppers doesn't show up...
Linebackers - CHI, Simply can't argue with Urlacher/Briggs/Tinoisamoa..
Secondary - GB, Woodson is playing at the top of his game

ST - CHI, Gould and Maynard / Manning, Hester, and Knox own whatever GB has..

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September 21, 2010  04:19 PM ET

They do have a proven offense, everyone in the NFL knows it, You have to stop Rodgers and Co. in order to stop the Packers. The Packers had a bad game IN Philly and still won! If they had played up their potential, it would have been a blow out just like buffalo, Jackson will take over the Running back position just fine, he was a 2nd round pick 4 years ago, that high means you are drafted to be a starting running back. Grant is good, but he is by no means a GREAT running back, most of yards always came at the end of the game, when the outcome was already decided. The Bears have to be careful they don't get into a 17 to 0 hole early and have to rely on their passing game, Matthews will be all over Cutler and the packers defense will pick him off at least twice.

Predictions are great, but I will always remember the season a few years back where favre Lead them to a 13-3 record....and two of the losses came from the Bears...Flaunt what you want about numbers, players talent, and what not, but when these two teams plays, stats, records, numbers and players names go out the window, and hate, grit, grind and passion takes over.

September 21, 2010  05:14 PM ET

An empty vessel makes the most noise!

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