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September 21, 2010, 01:27 AM
Make no mistake, I'm not proclaiming the Chiefs the next great team or anything like that. Its just that I think they are a team with some nice younger players and are making a move in the right direction. My question is:

As the Chiefs continue to show progress, will the quarterback position continue to be the missing link? It seemed like the team won in spite of the quarterback on Sunday. As the season continues, will Cassel develop into the productive leader that he was made out to be after his year with New England? If not, what happens to the Chiefs this season? Is 8 wins out of the picture for a team with a weak schedule, improved defensive / offensive lines and special teams play? I just don't know if the "Trent Dilfer" model works with KC and I'm really not sure what happens if Cassel shows no sign of improvement throughout the season? Any ideas? Free agency? Draft? Brett Favre? (lol, Just kidding about that last one).
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September 21, 2010  07:38 AM ET

Cassel is okay, I'm not going to lie and say he's great. However, they could do much worse so I think they should just stay put with him for now.

September 21, 2010  11:43 PM ET

The O-line is better than what it was. Its not great by any means, but its pretty close to being average now. The Chiefs have established a running game and teams are stacking 8 or 9 players in the box in an attempt to force Cassel to beat them. Its working, but I still can't put all of the blame on Matt Cassel. The team receivers led the league in drops last season and things haven't seemed to improve much. Dwayne Bowe had two bounce off his hands on the opener and Chris Chambers even had one thump off of his finger tips. Those three passes would have gone for around 70 yards and it would have forced the defense to respect the pass more, thus opening up the running game. The Chiefs have been getting by... for now. Something tells me that Matt Cassel's future is tied to the hands of a Dwayne Bowe and he has been terribly inconsistent. I personally believe that we will have a better idea of how good Cassel really is, if we can package Bowe in a trade for someone that can actually catch the ball.

September 22, 2010  01:29 PM ET

vick is the answer

September 23, 2010  10:41 PM ET

vick is the answer

No thank you!

September 24, 2010  10:42 AM ET

KC Guy...The problem the Chief face is that Cassel is the product of a system and by definition a system QB. He was able to produce in that system, but struggles when there is few tools around him. Cassel is not talented enough to lift a team and carry them. The missing piece in the KC puzzle is a first tier QB (happens to be the missing piece on a lot of teams). They continue to win, they will play themselves out of position to draft Ryan Mallett or Jake Locker. Are you doomed this season with Cassel? Yes...but having thoughts of playing past the last game of the season is delusional if you are the Chiefs. Next year or the following year will be when the Chiefs are hard to beat. I would enjoy the success this team has had so far and not get carried away with thoughts of the post season.

September 24, 2010  01:59 PM ET

Although Cassel is not without his faults the amount of dropped passes has to be factored in, Cassel is not losing games however the offense as a whole has to step up in order to take the next step in progression.

November 22, 2010  12:06 AM ET

I take back these comments from early in the year. As the season has progressed, Cassel has limited his sacks and turnovers. He's found a connection with Bowe and they two have scored a td together in each of the following six games.

November 22, 2010  12:08 AM ET

I don't know. I think Cassel has been pretty good this year.

November 22, 2010  02:06 AM ET

As long as you can run the ball like that and your defense steps up, then he's not exactly a glaring problem. Defense wins the champs.

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