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September 21, 2010, 11:32 AM
there are two organizations putting on fight cards sept 25

the highly publicized UFC 119 mir vs crocop
featuring such fights as(from Sherdog )

Frank Mir (No. 6 HW) vs. Mirko ???Cro Cop??? Filipovic
Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (No. 6 LHW) vs. Ryan Bader
Matt Serra vs. Chris Lytle
Evan Dunham (No. 9 LW) vs. Sean Sherk
Jeremy Stephens vs. Melvin Guillard
C.B. Dollaway vs. Joe Doerksen
Matt Mitrione vs. Joey Beltran
Waylon Lowe vs. Steve Lopez
T.J. Grant vs. Julio Paulino
Mark Hunt vs. Sean McCorkle
Thiago Tavares vs. Pat Audinwood

Also saturday night the underpublicized Dream 16 card
featured fights are:(also courtesy of sherdog)

Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Jason ???Mayhem??? Miller
Shinya Aoki (No. 5 LW) vs. Marcus Aurelio
Michihiro Omigawa (No. 6 FW) vs. Cole Escovedo
Gegard Mousasi (No. 10 LHW) vs. Tatsuya Mizuno
Joachim Hansen vs. Hideo Tokoro
Kazuyuki Miyata vs. ???Lion??? Takeshi Inoue
Chase Beebe vs. Hiroyuki Takaya
Mitsuhiro Ishida vs. Akiyo Nishiura

Of course the fights are at the same time halfway around the world so you will have to wait ( it is live on HD net but i cant find the time )

my question to you is what fights are you excited for which should never have been made

and as a general question which
A) has the most potential for great fights?
B) which has the more relevant card for world rankings?

all in all i think they are both good cards no freak or crap matches should be a good day allaround
September 21, 2010  11:38 AM ET

I think no matter what, UFC has the more relevant (for world rankings) but that is just because every site overpromote them. They are the kings of the media, and this is the reason they got where they are.

But I like Dream better.Saku, Aoki,Mousasi,Hansen are all guys that I like (4 fights).
Mir, Cro Cop, lil Nog are the ones I would say are more relevant from UFC side (Bader is still untested IMO). And they are fighting each other (2 fights)

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September 21, 2010  12:44 PM ET

Top to bottom, I prefer the Dream Card.

Mayhem vs Sakuraba is a really exciting fight, to me as exciting as Mir vs Cro Cop. They both have great similar stories; the old Pride lion vs the new age MMA top five fighter. Can the Pride guys win? Maybe, and that is what makes these greatly interesting to me.

Aoki is the top lightweight outside of the US, and Aurilio has had success in the past in non-title fights against top Japanese lightweights before. This matchup far less favorable for Marcus, but it is still an interesting angle. And in his weight class, Aoki is more relevant than any of the UFC guys on 119.

Mousasi Mizuno for the Dream LHW belt is far more relevent than the Lytle vs Serra fight.

Dunham vs Sherk is a great fight, and I think it is vastly underrated.

Hanson vs Tokoro is a good battle of fringe top 15 145 pound fighters trying to stay relevant.

Miyata vs Inoue is a good fight, and the winner should be back into the top 10 at 145.

Overall, both are excellent cards.

I will probably be up late to watch the Dream fights stream and if not I'll watch the videos of the good fights.

September 21, 2010  12:50 PM ET

As for your questions:

a) Dream. Better stylistic matchups. Outside of Cro Cop vs Mir, there isn't the potential for fireworks there are in Dream.

b) Believe it or not, I'll say Dream. Aoki, Omigawa, Mousasi, Miyata and Inoue are all top 12 in their weightclass. They might not be as well known because they at the lesser known lower weights in Japan.

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September 21, 2010  01:09 PM ET

It's a tough call for me. Neither card completly wows me but I'm gonna go with the UFC card. Serra vs Lytle is the deciding match for me.

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September 21, 2010  01:32 PM ET

I just got a text from a buddy with an extra ticket to UFC. 100 bucks and on the ground level. I'm pumped

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September 21, 2010  01:47 PM ET

The UFC card is more relevant and has more star power.

The DREAM card (again: more and more rumors about this being the very last DREAM card are piling up) will eventually have the more exciting fights, though.

September 21, 2010  02:17 PM ET


Boring decision written all over it.

Guillard doesn't finish top opponents, and he is fast enough to now get KO'd by Stephens.

OK, it won't be boring, but it won't be great either.

September 21, 2010  02:59 PM ET

I hate Serra, so that fight has no effect on me... UFC loses because I am admittedly hater for this guy :)


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