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September 22, 2010, 08:17 PM
September 23, 2010  09:05 AM ET

LOL. Jim put all of this just to get one guy on his corner (taking Mir's side) :P

September 23, 2010  05:31 PM ET

Sonnen == ****

September 23, 2010  05:31 PM ET

r etard

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September 23, 2010  10:22 PM ET

why don't you listen to Bader? he apparently give more respect to Nog than you do.

September 24, 2010  05:27 AM ET

Great picks though.

Well, I won't dispute that.

But some of the picks he's making are for the wrong reasons.

September 24, 2010  10:13 AM ET

Well, I won't dispute that.But some of the picks he's making are for the wrong reasons.

doesn't matter to Jim.
If the guy picks Mir because of his hair color, Jim will put it here to support his cause...

September 24, 2010  10:15 AM ET

funny fact is not even that I think Cro Cop will win. but I fail to see this all but won by Mir.

IMO this is a weak chin guy who is better overall than a powerfull puncher.

Mir has advantage anywhere but standing. But standing is Cro Cop's speciality...

So I think Mir will charge straight to Cro Cop to crowd him and go from there. if he stands with Cro Cop, the fight gets interesting though!

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September 24, 2010  11:10 AM ET

You're in for a big letdown.

why is that? Apparently you are not even reading what I wrote.
I think Mir takes the fight. but I fail to see how you think this is as certain as Randy was to sub Toney...

you know, Cro Cop is actually better than Toney!

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September 24, 2010  11:21 AM ET

Everyone loves the guy but facts are facts.

which is a perfectly good fact.... if it wasn't for the fact you made it yourself, without anything to back you up...

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September 24, 2010  11:45 AM ET

In his last 10 fights he has averaged 8 leg kicks per fight. He lost to Kongo, Gonzaga,and JDS in that time. His wins are over Hong man Choi, Al turk by thumb to the eye Ric Flair style, Perosh who is terrible and took the fight on 3 days notice, and Pat Barry who was dismatling him until he broke his foot and hand in the 1st round, and it still took Cr Cop 2 more rounds to finish him. He's washed up, facts are facts bro.

excuses excuses and more excuses.

The only fact you need to look at is that he is 5-1-1 in his last 7 fights.

How can you say Bader is the cream de la cream where the best guy he fought was Keith Jardine and then come pick the "who has he fought lately" game on Cro Cop?
You amaze me, Jim.

You are trully (a tunnel) vision guy!!!

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September 24, 2010  11:55 AM ET

Bader is on his way up. Cro Cop is at the end. Its not 2006 anymore Roni.

One thing has nothing to do with the other.

So what? Cro Cop's record of 5-1-1 is NOW, not in 2006.
Bader still didn't beat anyone worth mentioning.

You are still oblivious to real facts.
You are soundly wrong.

note: Cro cop CAN be declining. Obviously. But to this day, his record shows otherwise.

What will you say if he does beat Mir? that he is stoped declining?
What will you say if Lil Nog beats Bader? that all of a sudden Bader became bad? or Nog great?

You base your facts on nothing.

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September 24, 2010  12:23 PM ET

You want to keep spewing a 5-1 record but refuse to look at the circumstances involved in those wins.

not at all.
I don't refuse to anything.

But you keep looking at reasons to discredit any fight. Like I said, if someone gives the reason to the decline a receding hair line, you would use it as your argument.

You check no merits, and your reason are biased points.

The only fact that remains are that he is 5-1-1.

And like I said, you are so blind trying to prove Cro Cop is declining, that you are blind to anything else...


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