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September 23, 2010, 03:20 AM
Based on the last four games, Jay Cutler is the *only* QB in the NFL to average out on QB ratings over 100 in every game. He's averaged a rating of 118, thrown 300 yards a game, 63.7 % completions, and wait for it .... 13 TDs and only 2 interceptions. Haters responses welcome. I have a bucket ready ....
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September 23, 2010  10:10 AM ET

I don't understand why last season is included.. it was last season and months ago.. He's had a nice start, but I still hold my breath every time he passes. Beat the Pack with one or fewer INT and I might believe a little more..

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October 1, 2010  02:01 PM ET

i can admit he's a good qb, but i still hate that allowed, i mean, as a packers fan?

October 1, 2010  02:28 PM ET

Jay Cutler and Brett Favre are kindred spirits. Great arms and too many INT's.

You being a G.B. fan should know there was more than just the INTS, what about all the 4th quarter comebacks the longevity and durability, Pro-Bowls league MVP's etc. Favre is a H.O.F.'er for sure. We Bear fans can only hope for even half of that kind of success, So far they both share great arms and to this point in Cutlers career the durability, yes he threw 26 picks last year but knock on wood so far this year has been good and we hope it continues as with any other team any of us root for.

October 1, 2010  02:30 PM ET

Cutler gives me the impression when I watch him that he would rather be some place else? Seems so disinterested. Does he ever smile or get excited?

October 1, 2010  02:36 PM ET

Cutler gives me the impression when I watch him that he would rather be some place else? Seems so disinterested. Does he ever smile or get excited?

Actually not disinterested but the opposite at times to serious like he isn't having fun all business, Martz has been good for him, Cutler and Turner never got along last year.

October 1, 2010  02:43 PM ET

Jay Cutler is no Brett Favre, never will be.

Nobody said he was did they?

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October 1, 2010  02:50 PM ET

yes...I still hate Favre, and he is not even a Packer

well, i don't HATE favre, i do respect him for what he did for the Packers, i just dislike Favre as a Viking, if that makes sense...and i don't hate Stafford either, but that's cause him and the Lions aren't too much of a threat right now, give them a couple years though and he'll be hated!

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October 1, 2010  02:57 PM ET

I do not hate them as not know them...but they play for the enemy, and on the field I strongly dislike what they have, and might do to my Bears...

well obviously we don't know them, i just mean, it's hard for me to totally root against Brett since I kind of want him to do well because of his time with the Pack..

October 1, 2010  02:58 PM ET

I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that up front before they start making anymore comparisons.

Actually AR12 made the first comparison with his comment #8 to which I replied with comment #9 but if you read it I did give Favre his accolades and compared only durability while mentioning that as fans we hope for half of Favres success.

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October 1, 2010  03:15 PM ET

I think it is too early to start finding a place in the Hall of Fame for is afterall only three games into the season. His game against the Packers showed flashes of old Jay...throwing into tight spaces and looking down his intended WRs. Had the Packers not been their own worst enemies, the stats would not be kind to Cutler...however, he didnt kill his team with bad decisions...which is a change from last season. I think Martz has been good for Cutler and if Martz can keep Cutler on task, good things will happen. This week's game against NY will be a good test of Cutler's maturity. You can bet the house that the Giants will be sending the house after Cutler with the expressed intent of making him crack. The Packers tried but couldnt stay out of dumb penalties. If Cutler takes the beating that is sure to come with the Giants and stays within his game like he did in Dallas, then we can start talking about Cutler being one of the better QBs in this league.

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