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September 23, 2010, 10:45 PM
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For the next few weeks, I'm going to pick an NBA-related subject, A-through-Z, and tell you why it's worth your time, and why it's one of the reasons I love covering this league.

Because that's why I wanted to become a scribe who's paid to cover this league. Sharing the things I know and love with those of my kind. All that stuff.

Because I'm lucky enough to have your ear for however long, I don't care that this might come off as a bit twee. A little embarrassing. A little too forthright. I'm OK with that. Hopefully you are, as well.

"L" is for the "Los Angeles Lakers."

Mainly because there's potential there. And in basketball, more than any other sport, the lure of something that can thrill you well beyond what is offered on paper will keep you coming back. Time after time.

So the Lakers, despite those consecutive championships, don't look all that scary on paper. Little depth, brittle center, aging superstar. OK, things aren't that bad, but you can see why people might underestimate the Lakers. And, following the freak show that hit Miami this summer, I'm pretty interested in the newest, bluest way of taking in the Los Angeles Lakers.

The league's plucky overachievers.

Yes, that's pretty stupid, but the Lakers are the little team that plugs away beautifully. Sure, they boast four guys making eight figures a year, including the coach, and the team's run is pretty well-documented on national TV. Heck, it was pretty well-documented even when this outfit was shooting for 45 wins a year. But with all these superstars taking their talents to South Beach, a team full of pass-first brains running what 28 other coaches consider an outmoded offense almost seems a bit quaint.


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