NBA  > General NBA  > NBA will whistle more techs for ???overt??? gestures
September 24, 2010, 10:38 PM
NEW YORK (AP)???Tired of player rants, the NBA plans to crack down this season on ???overt??? gestures, such as swinging a fist in the air in anger.

And players can be called for technical fouls even if those actions weren???t directed at a referee.

The league wants more respect for the game and its officials, so it???s expanding the list of unsportsmanlike actions that will be punishable.

???Why are we doing this? We just want to have everyone take ownership of how our game looks and the image of our game, and send a message that we want player complaining to be minimized and for everyone to have respect for the game,??? executive vice president of basketball operations Stu Jackson said Friday during a conference call.
Apparently, the calls to cut out the whining go beyond the league office.

???Our fan research shows that people think NBA players complain too much and they do so much more than players in other leagues,??? Jackson said. ???But that aside, in reviewing our games, what we have observed is an excessive amount of complaining to referees??? calls or non-calls.???

So for the second time in four years, the NBA is warning players that more technical fouls could be coming if the yelping doesn???t stop. The crackdown during the 2006-07 season ignited a feud with the players, who eventually filed an unfair labor practice charge against the league with the National Labor Relations Board.

???Didn???t we go through this three years ago???? Lakers coach Phil Jackson said. ???We encourage our players to really contain themselves. It will work itself out as the season goes forward. I???ve always liked players that can contain that and understand what???s going on on the floor.???

Stu Jackson doesn???t expect this one to be as tense, as he emphasized this is not a ???zero-tolerance policy??? and players will still be permitted to have discussions with referees.

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