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September 25, 2010, 11:12 AM
As I understand it this weekend FOX by contract will broadcast only ONE game into regional coverage. NO matter where you live you will only get one game from FOX for your local-ish team.

I need some help in seeing the Dallas Debacle from the internet. I have looked at JustinTV and am not getting any listings yet, have used them in the past with some success.

Does anyone have any links for a pay/free site to watch one game? Recent links from this year as I think these guys live on the edge of the rules and are getting shut down on occasion. High quality streaming hopefully as I have a PC attached to my HDTV and can watch this on a big screen rather than the computer monitor.

THanks in advance
September 25, 2010  01:09 PM ET

Cussword, Dawn, I'll give that a try.

the link takes me to a link that sends me to JustinTV, college games are working, guess it will all happen or NOT based on Sunday at 1300 Eastern.

Hard to plan this in advance

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September 25, 2010  03:16 PM ET

yeah, thats it, you should find one today and download that veetle crap or whatever it is, so you can be good to go tomorrow.They will have a listing of the games tomorrow, and you should be able to watch it there. The bad thing is you lose the feed sometimes.

CW Jim.
got the veetle, will put it in my quiver as well as the JustinTV and see what happens tomorrow at 1:00. THanks

September 25, 2010  03:33 PM ET

Another Link to try below.

September 25, 2010  05:14 PM ET

I hope you try it out before then, just to see if all is good.

Oh I tried it, worked fine, was watching a GT game on espn. Just need the FOX feed tomorrow, thanks to all for the help will see how it plays out tomorrow. Been successful at this before. was happy to pay a few bucks , just a bit of a scramble the day of.

September 25, 2010  05:14 PM ET

Another Link to try below.

thanks will keep this one in mind too....

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September 26, 2010  01:02 PM ET

What kind of success have any of you had with this? I'm deep in Ravens country, and I don't really want to go to a sports bar.

Actually I've good success with the web and the sites Jack, but it depends on your connection speed and the amount of traffic the site has. I've watched several games that way and only a couple times was the video unwatchable and it's free and not bad in a pinch.

September 26, 2010  04:11 PM ET

Cussword Jim, thanks for the Veetle tip, great feed, nearly HD, way better than JustinTV.


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