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September 26, 2010, 05:10 AM
Wow Boise wants a million, TX gets upset by UCLA, OU squeaks by CIN, Neb doesn't pound S. Dakta St. and Bama has scare put in them but once again proves that they are the team to beat by coming back to beat Ark ( which was a great game I might add ). The state of CFB this year only shows me that we need a play off, and I know we will never see it. You have TX having a bad game, and boy did they look young today, OU didn't impress me at all and looked flat, and come on Neb only scores 17 points! Oh ya Boise only beats the 24th ranked team by 13 points, though a win is a win. Now that Boise is done with OOC they will glide to an undefeated season, tOSU will be challenged in conference, and Bama will be challenged too in the SEC. We need a play off it's the only way you are going to see a real champ. Look at the top 3 and compare in conference schedules, gee you think Boise might go undefeated, they have alot better shot than #1 or #2 because of their weak conference.
The BCS has tweaked and tuned most of the New years tradition out of CFB and sure we have #1 and #2 at the end of the year, but everybody knows that's not always true. WE NEED A PLAY OFF!!!
September 26, 2010  06:01 AM ET

Couldn't agree more!!!!

September 26, 2010  07:56 AM ET

Unable to avoid my own bias as a K-State fan, and disappointed by the K-State performance in Q 1-3 against UCF, a playoff would benefit teams like K-State. K-State this season defeated UCLA (who beat Texas), defeated a conference competitor in Iowa State, defeated UCF with its quick defensive unit and rising young talent on its offensive side, climbed to 4-0 by mastering a stellar Q4 performance and is nowhere to be seen on any poll. Texas who lost to that same Bruins unit remains atop the polls. why? Because it is a media friendly brand. It is likely that if K-State defeats Nebraska on October 7, it wont be because K-State and Heisman candidate Daniel Thomas, for the 5th straight time, got the job done. It will be because Nebraska wasn't for real. If K-State defeats Nebraska on October 7, they may appear somewhere toward the bottom of the Top 25, while many other 4-1 or 3-2 brand-name Top 25 leaders will remain at the top so that we might have yet another classic championship series, be it Bama, Sooners, or Ohio State. If Notre Dame could string together two wins in a row, they would join the championship hunt as well, sailing to the top of the rankings on the major polls. Leaving my bias toward -State aside, the only way we will ever have a legitimate championship team is through a competitive playoff system. The current system is inherently wired to exclude teams that deserve a shot at the title an rewards teams who don't. Take back the power of selection from the sports writers and coaches and give it to the kids who play their hearts out every week on the field.

September 26, 2010  08:18 AM ET

I approve of this thread. BTW for those who love comparative scores SDSU beat Utah State 41-7 and OU beat Utah State 31-24.....

September 26, 2010  09:45 AM ET

A playoff would be great but highly unlikely. I'd settle for restoring the relevance of New Year's Day games. This season the Rose and Fiesta will be played on the 1st, Orange on the 3rd (Monday), Sugar on the 4th (Tuesday) and a week later the NC game on the 10th (Monday). This is just wrong for people like me who like to party.

September 26, 2010  09:50 AM ET

Totally agree my Texas friend...."NC" game should be New Year Night...

September 26, 2010  10:03 AM ET

Totally agree my Texas friend...."NC" game should be New Year Night...

In between the Sugar Bowl and the NC game are 4 booby prize bowls:

Sun Belt vs. MAC #2
SEC #3 or #4 vs. Big 12 #2
Big East #5 vs. SEC #8
PAC-10 #6 vs. WAC


September 26, 2010  10:17 AM ET

As the sport reporters basically said, "There are no great teams, but Alabama looks like one of the best of them."

September 26, 2010  10:24 AM ET

As I've basically said, "There are no great teams, but Alabama looks like one of the best of them."

There, fixed it for you.


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