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September 26, 2010, 06:21 PM
471 total yards = 10points??? Are you kidding me

11 STUPID penalties

10 turnovers in 3 games

How about stop beating yourselves and start getting under the skirt and score?
September 26, 2010  07:03 PM ET

I'd be a little worried that this team is playing so sloppily under a control freak like Coughlin. This happened at Jacksonville too. He kept things so tight eventually his players cracked.

September 26, 2010  07:22 PM ET

Coughlin won a Super Bowl with his tough methods and it's too early in the season to be that concerned.

He won because he eased up on that control, The superbowl year he was being soft because he basicly said screw it because he thought it was his final year...

The players are cracking, Things on the o-line are a mess, O'Hara out was rough but the sloppy crap Kareem Mack was doing today was .... just shockingly stupid. I was thinking he must be on drugs to be doing that

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September 26, 2010  11:49 PM ET

Feel your pain. Same 1-2 boat, same turnover story. Rivers throws for 455 and loses. 5 TO's today. Maybe he should be on the kickoff team, too. At least he can make an open field tackle, as he showed in the Dallas preseason game. Better luck next week, Sam.

I know Ripper, Rivers has a career day but it's impossible to win with that many turnovers. A lot of season left, I know it's not panic time yet but players needs to get their head straight and come together.

September 27, 2010  12:02 AM ET

Sam,I was Shocked at that score,And Had yer Team the Winners,My team got lucky cuz the Panthers put in a Cherry QB[Clausen]and still looked better than Our QB Carson Palmer,We won that game on Defense,and the running game Cedric Benson got a run and a pass into the endzone,and,of course Our FGKR has a Perfect record so far...Lot's of mistakes by the airball,but it was raining,and that takes the passing game in check...But ,I seen blown routes and chitty passing Carson playing,He's not the same QB,He used too be,and I think,They'll put in Jordan[little Brother]in,hopefully soon.....Hey,ya got too play too get experience,and Jordan Is 5 yrs Younger[no injuries] and a more accurate QB,in Practice and Pre-season...

That is the question Easy, What's wrong with Palmer? It's sad when Ryan Fitzpatrick had a better day than Palmer... Not sure if Jordan will be taking snaps soon but if this keeps up with Carson something has to be done to fix it. They are still the Division champs and Defenses winning games is a common thing within your division.. Hope Carson gets it together, He deserves it!

September 27, 2010  08:44 AM ET

Maybe Dallas somehow passed their disease to your Giants.....lots of yards, penalties and few points!? I blame it on coaching. There needs to be more discipline and accountability at practice.

Fan 1: Cowboys are like the giant HDTV in the new stadium......
Fan 2: Really, how's that?
Fan 1: They look great between the 20's, not worth a damn in the red zone.

September 28, 2010  03:57 AM ET

It's still early in the season Sam. Just keep the faith and the Giants will rebound next week.

Not likely, the Bears are going to tear them new one .... after fudging the Pack ...


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