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September 28, 2010, 11:17 AM
I'll simply start with the obvious, Bears are undefeated and alone atop the NFC North. You can't really ask for anything else 3 games into the season.. but you can..

QB - Cutler played like 09 Cutler but had more than a few lucky moments on Monday night. He fell back into his routine of throwing off his back foot with hands in his face. Result.. took a shot to the face and throws a would be INT, a good call but.. damn lucky the rookie screwed up. The final "big" play was the pass interference involving Bennett (Who shouldn't see the field, but more on that later..) Again Cutler is throwing off his back foot into coverage, the Bears get lucky with a rookie clutching the receiver. Once again.. good call, but you cannot count on that. Overall Cutler gets a C-

HB - Donde esta running game?... Aside from a few spurts Forte did almost nothing on the ground, though they didn't even try to run for the most part. He had a nice catch coming across the middle, but he also fumbled earlier in the game. Which wasn't called, but luckily Olin had fallen on the ball anyway. Forte/Taylor get a C..

WR/TE - Great efforts were found in Knox and Olsen against the Pack. Knox made two huge completions, one where he dragged his feet perfectly. It's safe to say he's their #1 deep threat. Olsen proved he can fit in Martz's system with a clutch TD grab and clutch 1st down on the final drive. People criticize him for being soft, but he went up high and was ready to take a shot. HOWEVER what the hell is wrong with the Bears, why in the world is the true #1 Aromashodu benched? It's obvious that Hester is perfect for the slot and Aromashodu for the outside. I fear Hester's contract is hamstringing Martz and holding back the offense. WR/TE get a B+ from me..

O-Line - Once again Tice proves he can adapt and adjust. The first half was a D+ effort, Cutler had little to no time to throw and he was forced to run to convert first downs. However the line shored up in the second and gave Cutler just enough time to throw. I found it very interesting Webb saw action at RT and that it was "planned". I wonder if its something like the safety rotation and Webb could be the RT before the midpoint of the season. Anyway O-Line gets a C+..

Secondary - Ugh. Soft bend but don't break coverage allowed Rodgers to walk up and down the field at will, his only incompletions were his fault on a poor throw and then a hail mary at the end of the first half. For getting shredded but recovering the key fumble, secondary gets a C-

Linebackers - Urlacher over the hill? Briggs just some random perennial pro bowler? The best 4-3 tandem of backers in the league, hands down. Both were all over the field and making plays in the backfield as well. Both had a few missed tackles, but their key forced fumble gives them a solid A in my book..

D-Line - Peppers was a game changer against the Packers O-Line. Clifton and Tauscher couldn't wait to get out of their stance. It showed in false starts and when they did.. all they could do was hold on for dear life. Still.. Bears had only mild pressure and let Rodgers carve up the cover-2. Sad to see Harris has fallen so far.. D-Line gets a B..

Special Teams - aka Chicago's bread and butter.. Hester is still one of the best ever on Punts and showed it with a great 30 yard return. He however wasn't done and took one to house for 62 yards. Throw in Peppers timely FG block and the clutch Gould.. ST gets another solid A
September 28, 2010  11:17 AM ET

What I learned about the Pack..

-Rodgers is the second best QB in the land and by seasons end.. could be pushing Manning for numero uno.

-Finley is a beast, found the cover-2 wholes all night long and wasn't too shabby in the blocking department.

-GB is playoff bound.. if they clean up penalties.. Some were silly, like the helmet to helmet on Cutler and Collins driving Forte after the play was over. Others were simply a rookie mistake, such as the final pass interference. Either way.. GB can fix them and I see them **** slapping Detroit all over the field.. it won't be pretty.

September 28, 2010  12:24 PM ET

What I took: a nap......and missed the whole game.....crap.

September 28, 2010  02:27 PM ET

I'm not surprised, old folks like you seem to nap a lot.

Cant recall telling you my age....cliches and sterotypes are are a shortcut to thinking....try adding some depth/creativity/insight or SOMEthing, huh?

September 28, 2010  02:33 PM ET

What I took away is this

The Pack has more raw talent but also a lot of young, undisciplined players. Green Bay self destructed down the stretch after dominating early.

The Bears however aren't that far away talent-wise. Peppers was the most dominating defender that night, not Matthews or Woodson. And the Bears can convert 3rd and 20, something they could not do last year.

Both teams will be better by season's end.

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September 28, 2010  03:26 PM ET

Don't confuse Richard with someone with the ability to think of taking shortcuts.I don't think there are even tucans in East Moriches, NY. Not sure where tweety got that avatar idea from.

Yeah, it's like trying to encourage a corpse.

September 28, 2010  09:23 PM ET

The lack of a running game all falls on the OL. Forte etc have proved themselves enough to know that. If Tice has the players he will have them better by the end of the season, if not we should be getting Mankins and or McNeill. NOW!!! Even if it costs us a #1 or #2 draft pick!!! The Defensive Line/front 7 needs to learn to contain the QB and sack him. Just chasing him around proves nothing and gives him 2nd life to make a play making the DB's look bad. In other words it's a front 7 problem not a DB problem as I see it. The DB's weren't hitting as much as last game??? Sore maybe??? Can't wait untill we get Major Wright back. Maybe the coaches were worried about an injury and dialed back the hitting untill Wright does come back? Special teams Hester... FINALLY... I hope for 1 more before the seasons over. Gives us great field position when they kick it out of bounds. Hey no one is complaining about Cutler!!! FANTASTIC!!! See you Jan 2nd Green Bay for the NFC North Championship (if we need it lol.) itsatrap what about Brees??? GO BEARS!!!

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September 28, 2010  10:15 PM ET

Aaron Rodgers is an overrated arrogant unappreciative punk of a QB!

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September 29, 2010  11:50 PM ET

All this hate is sad. I don't know what you all need but you obviously need something. A psychiatrist, wife, or maybe just a dog to bring a little love and affection in your lives. Dogs work by the way I have 5 and a wife that looks 20 years younger than she is. She still turns every males heads in a room when she walks into it. And the're all mine!!! lol.

October 3, 2010  02:25 PM ET

What I seen was that the Bears played by far their worst game of the year so far, and still won the game. If they win playing their worst game, they are going to be tough to beat.


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