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September 29, 2010, 04:07 PM
OK All,
Reviewing the latest PowerRankings (please refrain from shatting all over this useless metric) the NFC East comes in at a 15 for the highest ranking! That is about Mid-Way overall; barely cracking the top 50%! WTF is going on here. Props to Philly for representin' at above average--LOL. Next comes Dallas (future superbowl hosts blah blah blah, let's spend practice time hearing how great we are) at 16. Then the Giants and Skins are at like 22 &23.

Where did the Beast in East go?

Skins were "turned around" after the win against Dallas, 980 AM was getting ready to start printing Play-off tickets, Haynesworth Summer Saga was history and McNabb was THE MAN. Now after a close loss to the Texans at home and a real beating from the Rams on the road the 3-4 defense stinks (they are last in the league in yards allowed/game); Shanahan is a clown and a trip up to Philly to face the re-surging Vick looks like a real nightmare.

Giants are coming apart due to Coughlin again? Helmet in the stands, Eli losing his mind at times, Coughlin the disciplinarian is killing the team etc etc etc.... next up Da Bears--only last remaining unbeaten in the NFC...what could go wrong? I think the Bears defense is pretty good. At least Urlacher and Suggs are.

Philly; the experiment with Kolb is over, Vick is installed. How long can Vick continue to act like a QB and not revert to the throwing running back he was in Atlanta? 110 on passer rating? YGTBSM? Crazy. He was a 50ish% completion passer with a rating in the mid 80s I think. He is out of his mind right now. Jaguars are crap, no really crap. So how will Vick fare against a better team? Will SKins show up ready to play and ground this high flying Eagle?

Cowboys; underachievers. Biggest problem on this team is Wade. Great Defensive Coordinator but low on player accountability and discipline on the practice field. When the team HAS to win they seem to get it done but to string a whole bunch of them together? Wont' happen with Wade. They believe too much of their own press. A deep run into the playoffs requires 6-7-8 wins in a row and Dallas can't do that. The peaks and valleys are from poor coaching in practice and no discipline.

OK folks, this is my BS for where we sit after 3 weeks, there is no Beast in the East currently, will there be this season? Who knows? I was convinced we would represent with 2 teams in the play-offs for sure. Thought the Giants were a silent dark-horse; seems they are where they were late last year. Felt the Skins would see .500 but Rams game makes me wonder. Cowboys will ride the W/L roller coaster all year it seems so Philly maybe the only Team in the playoffs...

Please voice where you see your team going and why, any other thoughts on the bEast as well.
September 30, 2010  09:39 PM ET

I agree with the entire post. Seems we are on the same page. This has been the toughest division in football for years running. It's like we are losing the edge 3 weeks in, whats the story morning glory? The G-men look lost at times, the Cowboys have all the talent in the world, and seem unfocused, the Redskins got Shanahan, traded for McNabb, and had a stable of Larry Johnson, Willie Parker, and Portis....thought they would be off to the races. In Philly, dont get me started....the O-line is in shambles, starting QB benched, and Vick-o-mania is in full force.
Were only in week 3 mind you....what does week 4 have in store? The Boys have a week off, Philly and Wash square off, and the Giants have to play the 3-0 Bears.
I need a beer...........


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