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October 3, 2010, 11:14 PM
I thought they'd had those protection problems licked after Dallas but apparently Mike Martz is a real hard case.

He used to be the guy no one could stop but lately he's been very stoppable, just get to the QB.

We'll see if the Bears can bounce back after this.
October 4, 2010  03:45 AM ET

Excuse me but did someone substitute a Chicago High School OL for the Bears???

October 4, 2010  05:27 AM ET

Brutal. Just absolutely brutal. Cutler hit/knocked down 20 times ... they should have called the police and reported multiple assaults. 0/13 on third down. Terrible. Greg Olsen and Frank Omelette CANNOT be allowed to block again for the franchise QB. We won't have one if that continues.

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October 4, 2010  10:37 AM ET

anyone really believe Cutler has a concussion ? ...boy bailed on his team & I'm sure they have ZERO CONFIDENCE in him now.... what should be distrubing to bears homers is lovies reaction at 1/2 time too... basically he said it wasn't cutlers fault cause he had no blocking....what? sure there were a few jailbreaks, but, without a run game or run blockers in the game, you'll have that...most both Collins & Bears 3rd string Qb played better than cutler ...nuff said

Only a hater would say something as absurd as what you just wrote, I don't know what game you were watching or if at all, what part of 9 sacks doesn't get someone a concussion don't you understand?

Cutler got up and walked towards the wrong sideline after one of his nine sacks. The quarterbacks head was slammed into the turf on the last sack he took, but perhaps he'd already suffered significant damage.

An image that said it all: Jay Cutler walking towards wrong sideline

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October 4, 2010  10:56 AM ET

That is what a troll does, the Bears got mugged last night...But did you notice that the majority of the Bears fans came here and took their lumps, and offered congrads...that is staying classy AR12...Nobody had been crowing all week, and now has to make up crap like the refs helped you out...speaking of he Refs, you could call holding on any play Julius Peppers is in, since nobody has an answer for him...he is a beast.Back to the drawing board...Now a Big WR and a few compatent Offensive lineman please...That is if you are trying to win the season.

I did notice all of us Congratulated Sam and the Giants for the win, it's called humility and sportsmanship something a few that post here lack.

October 4, 2010  11:06 AM ET

JCC1...Cutler took a beating last night. I have watched Cutler since day one of his NFL career and he has a lot of things in his game that need up on his team isnt one of them. One of the aspects of his game that needs the most work in fact is that he cares too much about his impact on his team. He takes things too personally and often (last year) compounds his problems by trying to play beyond his capabilities. I am not sure what game you watched last night but the Bears D didnt give up...The Titans against the Pats last year 59-0 is an example of a D giving up. If you are going to spout least get your facts straight.

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October 4, 2010  11:14 AM ET

Should he be labeled the Chicago troll?


October 4, 2010  05:57 PM ET

Actually jcc1 what is your object? Why are you acting like this? Do you find yourself funny and intelligent? Do you think so highly of yourself that you print out your posts and put them on the refigerator like a little kid? Life is so much more than just being a piece of fecal matter. Can't you do anything to be productive in life? Don't you want to? Are you a member of the Taliban? That's exactly the way they think and act. I can't believe any self respecting person no matter their country of origin would act the way you do. Why? Grow up or go to the sandbox and play.

October 4, 2010  06:41 PM ET

Cutler is a talent but he needs a good coach to teach him things. A Holmgren type would make him into a megastar. The announcers said some of the sacks were his fault although the blocking was terrible. He needs to follow his gameplan and take whats there. Romo has changed his ways with only 9 ints last year.

October 4, 2010  08:10 PM ET

I'm surprised he found the visitor's locker room.

no kidding, it's always scary too see someone do that. The Eagles Bradley from Week 1 comes to mind...i suffered a concussion my sophomore year of high school playing hockey, and I had quite the time finding the bench I'll tell you what...definitely a frightening situation

October 4, 2010  08:34 PM ET

I played hockey too but we wore helmets.

yeah, as did we, believe it or not hockey players get concussions also!


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