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October 4, 2010, 08:22 PM
In my opinion there were two backs in the league who are on pace to possibly overtake Emmitt Smith as the alltime leading rusher before this year. One is the back Peteren in Minnesota who has avoided injury in the pros. thus far. The thing that hurts him is his run you over style which doesn't allow you to last 8-9 years in this league. The other back in Tenn. is an outstanding runner named Chris Johnson. In his last three games he has only 212 yards on 67 carries? As far as I know hes not injured so him being just in his third year I looked at his size? Bingo! he is two inches taller then Emmitt Smith was but he weighs 15 pounds less? It might be just that hes had some average games but after the 2,000 yard season my guess he is feeling it. His per carry average is only 3.7 this year. He needs to hit the weights and get stronger. There is a risk of losing the great speed but it'll help him in longevity in the long run.
I don't think Emmitt will ever be caught. He was one of the toughest backs ever to carry the ball so effectively for many years. He wasn't electric but the yards were there. Jones is outstanding but his 3.1 per carry his last three games is the wear and tear of the NFL game. Expect Johnson to gain weight in the future.
October 5, 2010  01:49 PM ET

Felix Jones added some weight and now has lost some speed IMHO.

October 5, 2010  03:32 PM ET

I really hope A.P. continues running as he does. I know it might shorten his career, but its just a pleasure to watch him play. Too many guys cut out of bounds at their first chance, but Peterson just lowers the shoulder and brings the pain. Best running back in the NFL without question, in my opinion.

As far as Johnson adding size.. it might help, but as +40 said.. just look at what happened to Jones. He seems to have lost some of his burst, with the weight he added in the offseason.

October 5, 2010  05:08 PM ET

Emmitt Smith played an additional two years with Arizona just to break the all time rushing record.

No he broke the record with the Cowboys vs Seattle.

October 5, 2010  05:10 PM ET

Felix Jones added some weight and now has lost some speed IMHO.

Yes I noticed that but Johnson is averaging just 3.7 this season and 3.1 the last three games? He needs to do something.

October 5, 2010  05:17 PM ET

It shouldn't affect him. The DMN has him listed at 191? lol Johnson is 5'11" and weighs 191? Emmitt was 5'9" 210 lbs? So Smith weighed 19 more pounds and was two inches shorter? No the added weight will not affect him much at all. Comparing Felix to Johnson is not fair. Felix isn't 191. he was like 207 last year at the same height as Johnson? So Johnson can put on a good 15 pounds. You Cowboys fans remember Michael Wiley? He was skinny at 200 lbs? He was the same height as Johnson.

October 5, 2010  05:21 PM ET

Emmitt wasn't electric? Seriously?

lol ok I am trying not to get the haters gander up. lol But you did see the snide remark by the Packers fan snarling that Emmitt broke the record staying an extra two years at Arizona? A little jab of hatred shown there. Emmitt didn't have great speed but he had very quick feet and found the holes. He was electric! Sorry felow Cowboys fan!! lol

October 5, 2010  05:44 PM ET

The Titans' problems are based on the fact that not one of their wide receivers scare anyone. Chris is fine the way he is. They don't scheme to get him the ball better and that hurts them too. I truly think that Jeff Fisher needs to open his eyes and let his offense do more. That's what it boils down to.

October 29, 2010  06:37 PM ET

My only question is, how would that affect his ability to take things outside the tackles? That's where he can kill you. He's great inside and on cutbacks, but if it's not there he can bounce it. Would the extra weight hurt his ability to do that?


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