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October 5, 2010, 09:31 PM
The 2001-2004 Patriots.

They were a team that could beat you in a number of ways and it drove you nuts trying to game plan for them because you were never sure who was going to have a big game you just knew somebody was.

There are some differences. New England still has way more talent of offense than defense but on defense there are some guys who can step up.

Speaking of the offense they're doing a lot of what New Orleans did last year, attack with multiple weapons. I think we'll see more games where Moss doesn't have a catch and they do just fine.
October 5, 2010  10:58 PM ET

I hope not too many more games like that. They need him in order to be successful. Then there is the Tom Brady factor about that as well.

October 5, 2010  11:21 PM ET

We'll see how the Pats look if Moss ends up going to Minnesota. Could really change the Pat's offense...

October 6, 2010  01:03 AM ET

I don't see how trading for Moss will help Minnesota. Moss is a me first individual that'll go into a shell if the ball isn't thrown to him enough.

Moss will immediately give Favre a deep threat that will open up passes to Shiancoe, Harvin, and open up the running game for Peterson. This move scares me as a Packer fan, because it makes the Vikings look really scary, especially once they get Sidney Rice back.

October 6, 2010  01:03 AM ET

A fellow Alaskan!!

All right! Where are you from?

October 6, 2010  02:18 AM ET

I really hope that Moss stays in New England!!!

October 6, 2010  09:25 AM ET

Randy, come to can have LeBron's old house!

October 6, 2010  09:32 AM ET

They ARE who we THOUGHT they were!

October 6, 2010  09:35 AM ET


October 6, 2010  09:36 AM ET

Mrs.---wrote this on the other Favre to Moss page, just wanted your opinion.

So...does this mean the Bill is hoping that he can make a move for Vincent Jackson?

October 6, 2010  10:02 AM ET

Jackson will have a 3 game suspension when/if he signs with another team, but it would be building for the future.

October 6, 2010  01:26 PM ET

I think New England will be fine without Moss. They have multiple weapons now and that's where Brady is at his best, throwing the ball to 8 different guys instead of just focusing on Moss and Welker all the time.

October 6, 2010  01:44 PM ET

that magic place of gnomes and trolls.

dang, I was hoping there'd be another Alaskan on here. Y'know, have someone in the same time zone as opposed to 1-4 hours behind all you guys, lol

October 6, 2010  01:47 PM ET

So what is the story with Brandon Tate? Is he the one that will be filling Moss's cleats in NE? Any potential?

October 6, 2010  02:46 PM ET

53 new england patriots will be filling Moss's shoes ....T E A M always more important & more effective than 1 guy (especially 1 unmotivated & aging guy)

No crap. Way to point out the obvious. So, I guess I should have said: who will be lining up on the far right of the field where Moss used to line up? Brandon Tate? Or the smaller Edelman?

October 6, 2010  02:59 PM ET

Lots of bunch formations with TE's and Welker/Edelman....gonna have to get creative to create some confusion in coverages.

October 6, 2010  03:19 PM ET

I'm more interested in what they will do with all the draft picks they are stockpiling.
Check it out!
As a result of the trade, the Patriots now have two picks in each of the first four rounds of the 2011 draft -- their own picks and a first-round pick from Oakland, a second-round pick from Carolina, the third-round pick from Minnesota and a fourth-rounder from Denver.
What to do, what to do!

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