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October 6, 2010, 12:34 AM
Randy Moss coming back home to the Vikings? This should turn the NFC upside down....
October 6, 2010  08:43 AM ET

This will be a big move.

October 6, 2010  09:15 AM ET

How long would Moss really be happy in Minnesota? When Favre is gone, he'll have Tavaris Jackson as his QB. And with Favre out of the picture, I can't see Brad Childress' services being needed anymore; that team could be in rebuilding mode in the very near future. I don't imagine that would be too appealing to Moss. And what would that do for a long-term deal for him? That's what he seems to want more than anything else.

But it would certainly make the Vikes more interesting to watch for the rest of this season...

October 6, 2010  09:17 AM ET

How long would Moss really be happy in Minnesota?

My point exactly. That's why he should come to Cleveland....they need one of those new-fangled....uhhh what do you call them....oh yeah wide receivers.

October 6, 2010  09:19 AM ET

So...does this mean the Bill is hoping that he can make a move for Vincent Jackson?

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October 6, 2010  10:17 AM ET

As an effective WR, three? He's 33 already, and with very, very few exceptions WRs flame out after age 36. He's got one more 3 year contract in him, I'd say. But, I guess we have to keep in mind he is one of the greats, so maybe he can extend his WR like Rice or Charlie Joiner? Moss does what Moss wants to do....if he likes the situation he's in at the time, maybe he'll be motivated to achieve beyond 36. But with his history of quitting on the Raiders, I wouldn't bet on it.

And what is he going to do when Favre is gone? Who's he going to catch balls from then? Maybe not the best decision for Moss.

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October 6, 2010  10:26 AM ET

no championships for this guy can you say cancer not a team player the allen iverson of football

October 6, 2010  10:29 AM ET

I'd be surprised if that happens. He's in the penalty box, with no easy way out. Could happen if NE gives up the farm, but that's not Belichick's style. And AJ's expectations relating to trade value are lofty. And...VJ is one strike away from a year's suspension. Who wants to pay top dollar for THAT risk? Rivers made VJ more than VJ made himself. He is way talented, but he's a punk. And while he's replaceable on the field, AJ might not want him in NE. VJ made his bed and now he must rot in it. But give us a No. 1 or a No. 2 and a No. 3, and he can rot in your city!

Thats a good point Ripper and with the Chargers chugging along without VJ then that just makes what AJ is asking for him laughable, IMO. Gates was always the one to be feared on the Chargers,

But even if Moss has 3 more years that just made the Vikes a contender this year, They havent lost any games in thier own division which is still up for grabs, with the Bears struggling against the Giants and the Packers struggling as well, 1-2 isnt looking so bad after all .

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October 6, 2010  10:38 AM ET

His catching is not the problem; it's the passing.

October 6, 2010  10:39 AM ET

is there such a thing as loyalty in the NFL.??

Loyalty has been dying a looong and painful death since free agency and monster rookie contracts.

October 6, 2010  10:39 AM ET

loyalty heck no!!!!!

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October 6, 2010  10:50 AM ET

Hi BBT. I agree AJ's demands are a way, I think part of that relates to not letting VJ get over on him, maybe even to the detriment of the teams and its fans. You are so right about Gates. He is the weapon teams game plan for, not Jackson. How that big load gets so danged open so often baffles me, but he does. And the role player WRs, Floyd and Naanee and Crayton and Davis, have filled in nicely.And I agree this changes a lot in the NFC North. And because of this trade the last chapter of Favre's history book which was already at the press and ready for publishing might need to be re-written in a kinder fashion. Now he might just find a way to go out on a positive note. Without Moss, the ink was nearly dry on that final chapter.

I know ripper and I applaud AJ for not giving into the Diva behavior of VJ , to many teams do that.

Oh I know first hand about Gates, I know he has got some good ones on us when we played them and that is who I think they worried about more, Vj was a threat but not as big as Gates. And yes the compliment of recievers have filled in nice and showed you can do without Vj , thats why I dont worry to much when it comes to the Chargers they are known to start slow in the beginning of the season. They will be fine.

I know Farve was about done, but this just gave that team the boost they needed , I watched the Packers game against the LIons , not good, and the Bears got thier rearends handed to them by the Giants D. I dont think Rogers will fare any better against them . JMO. So I think Farve can at least now have a better season that first thought,

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October 6, 2010  10:51 AM ET

I think this is win win for both sides. Moss was unhappy and when that happens he's a locker room distraction. Now that he got out, he'll be happy and has a Brady quality QB to throw to him. However, I don't think Farve can hold on long enough to get them to the Super Bowl.

October 6, 2010  10:52 AM ET


October 6, 2010  10:54 AM ET

is there such a thing as loyalty in the NFL.??

Loyalty in any part of today's society is a rare thing, especially since the NFL started looking through those business colored glasses has there been any form of loyalty.

October 6, 2010  10:55 AM ET

I think the NFL sends a bad message to young athletes. I say take more science courses kids. Pro- sports is becoming tainted/undermined through greed and power hungry owners that try to buy their way into the Super Bowl. I know I am a Colt fan.

I know what you mean Dawn. It's a dog eat dog world out there and it's a rare thing to see a person who does it for the love of their respective sports. Long gone are the Unitas's and Ripken Jr.'s. Even Jordan had a strong work ethic and passion for the game. I think Brady (as much as I harp on the guy I feel this way), Josh Hamilton, and a few others are the only pro athletes left that I see as pure sportsmen. Any other ideas?


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