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October 6, 2010, 10:13 AM
lets get this situation settled.whenever the postseason starts i start thinking what national league team has a good dh and what american league team has a better bullpen.teams arebuild differrently in each league.lets make the playing field the same
October 8, 2010  11:13 PM ET

The Designater Hitter debat has been going since the Ron Blomburg first stepped into the batters box on as a DH for the NY. Yankees in 1973.
Agree that the "Playing Field"--during inter-league, All-Star and Post-season play-- should be equal and the same between both American and National Leagues; However because AL franchises build their teams around an offensive line-up with a DH and NL franchises build their teams around a line-up with their pitchers batting in the nine hole; The "Playing Field" will never made equal during inter-league, All-Star and Post-season play. Until... either the NL adopts the Designater Hitter Rule as it is used in the American League, Or until the AL gets ride of the Designater Hitter rule in the AL and goes back to allowing their pitchers to take their turn at bat.
Would really like to see the American League get away from the DH and go back to the more traditional style of the game... This would allow for an equal and balanced "Playing Field"--during inter-league, All-Star and Post-season play.
_Yankees with Mario has the best AL Bullpen
_ Braves with Claus has the best NL DH

Giants and Rangers in the World Series though

October 17, 2010  11:27 AM ET

LOL ... you're never going to get this situation "settled". The DH is here to stay, like it or not.

You could say that the playing field is already level enough because both teams are at the same amount of advantage/disadvantage when playing in the opposite league's stadium.

October 17, 2010  02:00 PM ET

Here's a solution for both leagues: the AL felt having the pitcher hit was a complete waste and a rally killer and bad "entertainment." The NL is very "traditional" and didn't want a non fielding hitter.
Solution: both leagues eliminate the pitcher hitting AND there's no DH. The eight position players hit making for an eight man batting order and the pitcher doesn't have to hit. Players for whom part of their job is to hit will hit. Pitchers, whose job does not include being a good hitter, will not hit.
It's better than the DH as your good hitters in the front of the lineup will often get another AB per game. Also, DH types who can't field a position to ML standards --- don't play or PH.
Too simple?

October 17, 2010  09:46 PM ET

i don't like the dh. i'm old-fashioned and i like baseball the way it used to be :)

October 19, 2010  09:17 AM ET

when a pitcher throws at a opposing player,he should know that he has to step into the batter box at some point.


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