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October 10, 2010, 09:59 AM
If the Bears beat the Packers again in week 17...will the Packer fans be tripping all summer...

What a's GSH 1 did no do or say anything, but it is still his
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October 10, 2010  04:57 PM ET

yu'll have ****-nation after yu [again] !

LOL............MRS. I was in the middle of taking a big drink of my favorite beverage and read this and now I'm cleaning my laptop screen, thanks...........LOL

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October 11, 2010  10:34 AM ET

I was trying to respond to this thread and all of a sudden, the skies got dark, the rain came down, and when I got up after being knocked down in the mud, someone got whacked........the board list was all screwed up.........again.

As I was trying to say before I was so rudely interrupted.....congratulations are in order for BG, GSH1, Cuss, and whoever else I missed, for your teams looking like contenders......:-)

As for me and my team, I guess we'll be cellar dwellers this year if things continue as they have been. But, I have expected it to rain on Jerry's parade because of this preconceived notion that the 'Boys are "destined" to be in this year's SB, if for no other reason than it's in Jerry's House. It's tough enough having a tough schedule, playing opponents wanting to knock you down just because of who the 'Boys are, but to add this "destiny thing with the SB" is like putting a bigger target on their back. I wish Jerry's ego would get treated with radiation and chemo....maybe it would shrink some. If this year ends up as it's looking, then maybe it will. But, I doubt it.

I noticed some of these threads are becoming drama outlets of a sort. Nothing to do with football, but a clash of personalities, for lack of a better description............I choose not to make any remarks on those. Anyway, I hope all is well for you guys, and I'll be in and comment when I can.

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October 11, 2010  02:29 PM ET

Thank you sir...your team is not out of it it yet, the schedule of the NFC East is brutal, and they will all come back to just got to start winning and get your mojo back...

Well, these 'Boys know what they have to do. Will they do it? I have my doubts, but we'll see. Time is running out and fast. If they can stop the stupid penalties and boneheaded plays, they'd be fine. Roy Williams is pulling his load now, and I'm happy to see that. Austin is incredible. So, they better start and start like last

October 11, 2010  03:34 PM ET

we'll see how the Pack does. They're at home against a Miami squad that hasn't looked great, however they Packers are dealing with a lot of injuries. We'll see. I like the Pack if Rodgers plays, Miami if he doesn't...

October 11, 2010  03:57 PM ET

The Packers numerous penalties and dumb mistakes are more to blame than injuries. They lost two games they shoulda won.

oh i agree, i'm not blaming the injuries for the last couple games. I'm just saying it's going to be tough without Finley, maybe Rodgers, maybe Mathews.


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