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October 10, 2010, 09:34 PM
Dallas soaked up another loss today, after posting impressive statistical numbers--again. (Yeah I know it is the points that count, not saying otherwise but they do use statistics as a measurement of how a team is doing for example)

I wonder how a team with such talent can continually under achieve? I still blame the coaches and the staff.

WHO on this team would be a consideration for a Head Coaching position at the end of the season? Wade is a good defensive coordinator but not a good leader and motivator.

Dave Campo is a total tool, he failed as a head coach and his secondary continually under-achieves. They currently have 2 interceptions, ranked 26th in the league; Jenkins had another slip through his hands today. Sacks are hardly better, Dallas is 23rd in sacks (yes they''ve played one less game due to the bye but did you see those stats jump today?) Demarcus Ware is a great DE but he needs help, as coordinators continue to double team him or chip with RBs and TEs then the others must step up! Does Dallas have Safety Blitzes at key times to create turn-overs and pressure? Not seeing it.

Nice work by special teams today! Beuhler is a fading star, first touchback was today, he missed a field goal in the 3rd qtr after a long drive so Tennessee after getting pasted for 14 pts in about 2.5 minutes of clock time are still tied. Beuhler outkicks the coverage on the kick from the 15 yrd line and it gets returned for a near TD and BAM Titans are right back on top. How does the offense feel taking the field again looking up that long hill again.

Offense worked their butts off today and the Defense and Special Teams blew it. Until the dang coaches can get 22 (or 53) of these guys prepared and motivated ALL at the same time expect more of the same.

Hats off to Romo, Jones, Austin, Roy and the offense for all the yards churned out.
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October 10, 2010  10:08 PM ET

No thanks on the trade EZ, you keep ol Marv. Embarrassing I tell ya

October 10, 2010  10:16 PM ET

Head Coaches are like QBs, theres only about 10-12 in the league at any time that are worth a damn and if you don't have both at once forget about are phuchked in a big way

October 10, 2010  10:42 PM ET

The only bright side Big D is at this moment you have plenty of company as Green Bay, San Diego, New Orleans all lost as well.

October 10, 2010  11:04 PM ET

don`t forget how important OC`s are and DC`s are, I think it matters as much or more than the head coach, I say that cause of KC`s situation, Haley might not be that good, but the coordinators he has are.

Gotta commend the Chiefs for getting Weiss and Crennel as their coordinators. KC has looked miles better in the first few games.

October 11, 2010  08:59 AM ET

don`t forget how important OC`s are and DC`s are, I think it matters as much or more than the head coach, I say that cause of KC`s situation, Haley might not be that good, but the coordinators he has are.

Good point CWJ. The coordinators are the laborers of the staff, they do the heavy lifting and the Coach should be the CEO or Mgr, oversee, make the hard decisions, bring the hammer. Haley could be an average coach but top notch in delegating, decision making, motivating, handling people. It seems to work in KC.

October 11, 2010  09:11 AM ET

The problems all start at the top, in my opinion. When the owner is "desperate" (for lack of a better word) to host the SB in his own stadium and have his own team there, and all of the talk over the off season has been just that, it's nothing more than a distraction. The players seem to be "convinced" (also for lack of a better word) that all they have to do is show up, believing it's their destiny to be the first to play in a SB in their own stadium.

The Cowboys opponents this year are already hyped up to beat them without all of this predestined crap anyway, and this garbage talk about being the host in this year's SB just gives the other teams even more initiative to beat them,as if they didn't have enough already.

With that being said,I will continue to watch my team, and support them. I will go out on a limb and say this. I don't see any SB's in the near future for them, as long as things go the way they've been going since Johnson left. I will also say this as well.......there are 31 other teams that play this game, and I will continue to watch them as well, when I can.

Congratulations to the Titans and their fans.


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