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October 12, 2010, 04:10 PM
I know its early for picks, but I'm tired of the Cowboys offense.

Bears win over Seahawks--Seatle can't win on the road against that def.
Miami win over GB--GB pretty banged up right now, I like the Phins.
Texans over the Chiefs--Houston gets back on track with running game.
Balt over the Pats--Tough call made easier without Moss in the game.
Giants over the Lions--This is not the Rams def.
Eagles over the Falcons--Going with the home team.
Pitt over Cleveland--Trial by fire for Colt McCoy.
Bolts over the Rams--Gonna be another shoot-out.
Saints over Buccs--SB champs can't lose 3 in a row can they?
Jets over Broncos--Mile "high" means go with green; just ask Santonio Holmes.
49ers over Oak--Last time I pick SanFran until they actually win a game.
Vikes over Dallas--Preseason over for Favre, time to play for real.
Colts over Skins--Could be a game of dueling TE's--wait, that sounds funny.
Titans over Jags--Time for another Garrard hick-up.
October 12, 2010  04:58 PM ET

A shootout wth the Rams, eh?

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October 12, 2010  05:55 PM ET

Hahaha, LCBF.......tired of the Cowboys threads, but you can't get around mentioning them because they have a game to play, too.........:-)....Just funnin' with ya.

October 12, 2010  06:17 PM ET

Like your picks.

I'll be posting mine later on too.

Dallas vs. Vikings = The Lowered Expectations Bowl

October 12, 2010  06:25 PM ET

Howdy JD

October 12, 2010  06:31 PM ET

Bears over Seahawks- closer than one might expect though...
GB over Dolphins-IF Rodgers plays, if not, then Dolphins over the Pack
Texans over Chiefs-KC's defense is good, but i'm just no sold on the team yet, they win this and maybe i'll start to believe....
Ravens over Patriots-Ravens are on a roll
Lions over Giants-I just have a gut feeling that the Lions are gonna pull this one out. They've been close with the Eagles, Bears and Packers, i think they win 2 in a row...
Falcons over Eagles-Falcons are just too good for the Eagles...
Steelers over Browns-Welcome to the NFL Colt McCoy
Chargers over Rams-Chargers offense is too good for Rams D.
Saints over Bucs-No way NO loses 3 in a row.
Jets over Broncos-Hard for Orton to throw when he's on his back...
Oakland over 49ers-yep, i picked it, i think Oakland is starting to click and the 49ers are in shambles....
Minnesota over Dallas-Think Favre and Moss will start to get a rhythm now that they can start practicing more together....
Colts over Skins-Wouldn't be surprised if Washington wins this, but i think Manning takes over.
Titans over Jags-Really nothing to say on this one, i just think the Titans are better...

October 12, 2010  06:35 PM ET

Boy Howdy....I make a come back, and people have poofed or changed names. But, it's good to see the regulars still bounding about like skittish deer.

October 12, 2010  06:36 PM ET

<-------howdy-bull !..........yu like my hat ?!

Howdy Mrs Strangler..........Yes, of course. My horse has one just like

October 12, 2010  06:38 PM ET

I mean Mrs Shaman.........done any witch doctoring lately?

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October 12, 2010  08:13 PM ET

Boy Howdy....I make a come back, and people have poofed or changed names. But, it's good to see the regulars still bounding about like skittish deer.

LOL.......I'm still here Bull and nothing has changed, good to see ya/type at ya again.

October 12, 2010  08:42 PM ET

One Prediction,1]The Bengals will NOT lose a Game this coming Sunday!!!!!

I think Palmer will still throw a INT...LOL (Sorry Easy, I had

October 12, 2010  08:52 PM ET

BG Says..."The Lions have the best front four in the NFL"

LOL, the same front 4 that's allowing 133 rushing yards a game???

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October 12, 2010  11:01 PM ET

Steelers over Browns - Baring a miracle
Chargers over Rams - Another must win for the Chargers they respond well in these situations
Chiefs over Texans - Houston is reeling. Good defenses are killing them
Ravens over Patriots - Like what New England is building but it isn't built yet
Bucs over Saints - Saints continue to struggle
Falcons over Eagles - Atlanta is the best in the NFC
Giants over Lions - But Detroit beats the spread
Bears over Seahawks - Seattle stinks away from home
Dolphins over Packers - Unless Rodgers plays
Broncos over Jets - Mile High air plays havoc with Mark Sanchez's noggin
Raiders over 49ers - For the final insult
Cowboys over Vikings - in the Lowered Expectations Bowl
Redskins over Colts - I don't trust the Colts on the road after a big win against a cagey QB/Coach duo
Titans over Jaguars - Look at the stats, Tennessee should murder them

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October 12, 2010  11:36 PM ET

You will see..

I guess i will, Sometime this year you have to be right, right?

October 12, 2010  11:45 PM ET

Looks pretty clean. Can't say I really disagree on any of these.

October 13, 2010  07:54 AM ET

new england better off without moss branch is back look out ravens also chargers by 20 or more the rams are still near basement how can you say they are better they have played the cards,raiders,seahawks at home,redskins,lions wow brutal schedule lol any decent team would be 4-1 3-2 at the least pick of the week CHARGERS BY 20 OR MORE!!!!!!!and yes the champs can and will lose 3 in a row super bowl hangover a reoccuring theme in the NFL

October 13, 2010  08:52 AM ET

he he he... you missed a hell of a battle bull. you would have been proud of the dirty dozens ability to weed out trolls with one hand and drink with the other! and sext our junk all over the internet! ha hahahahahahah just kidding!

Still having some connection problems......right now, I'm at dial up speed because I ran out of the allotted "fast stuff" for the day. Even have the Shockwave Flash disabled.

Did Mr Phallus make like a tree and leave? I noticed a Yellowbird recently, but he evidently got himself severed from FN. Duke is gone again?


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